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Why Customer Satisfaction is Key to Long-Term Business Success

In the digital commerce sector, customer satisfaction is the unshakable pillar of any economic growth. It is the cornerstone that connects customer loyalty and the chances of achieving strong stock performance. Therefore, it is in the interest of any entrepreneur to prioritize the customer factor and invest in it. Furthermore, this principle is known and adopted by all those who wish to realize an ambitious and promising project.

However, even though this fact is acknowledged, success is not always guaranteed. This is partly due to the adoption of commercial strategies that prove to be ineffective. The example of those who prioritize the quality approach is just one of many. This also proves that customer satisfaction cannot be acquired independently of a correlative relationship.

This article will explain the fundamentals for seducing and better satisfying the customer. From there, we are certain to start on good foundations to optimize customer satisfaction.

The first contact

Customer satisfaction stems from a long process that begins at the first contact. This decisive moment generally determines the degree of efficiency of a sales strategy. It is therefore a crucial moment to score points and make a good impression.

In the digital field, creating an e-commerce website is the starting point for establishing contact with your prospects and customers. It is through this virtual platform, also called an online store or e-boutique, that the customer must be able to find their way and consult sections, content, merchandise, and legal information without losing their bearings. In other words, the ergonomics of the site must be made more fluid, accessible and engaging. Some basic website design principles can help achieve this easily.

But this is not all, far from it. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, it is essential to give oneself the means to do so. It must be taken into account that there are indecisive, shy and reluctant customers. A discussion channel hosted on the site can be used. It will allow approaching the customer and encouraging communication for better assistance. However, it would be impertinent to be too pushy or incisive at this stage.

The customer’s point of view

To achieve customer satisfaction, active listening is the most determining factor. It allows to collect the target’s opinion and influence it positively.

The customer’s point of view conveys their tastes and needs. But it also allows to note a service or any other service. Therefore, it is not a question of overwhelming, but of gathering as much information as possible about the target. To do this, preparation and improvement of communication within the company are necessary.

The customer may have reservations about a product or service. But it is only when they are invited to communicate that we realize it. Then, we can shed light on the situation and dispel their doubts. Selling at all costs and untimely arguments are not a solution. If the customer’s needs are unknown, they will be of no use. The sale may result, certainly, but not customer satisfaction. It would then be unlikely that the customer will return.

Customer data

Knowing the customer is also necessary for good relationship management. It is easily possible to make them happy and satisfied. But to do this, the customer’s data must be collected for various purposes.

To boost the trust relationship and optimize customer satisfaction, a language of truth must prevail. Explaining to them that information has been collected and asking for their consent to its use is a minimum. It is a more or less elegant way of involving the customer in essential decisions.

The integrity thus highlighted is in line with the brand image. The customer will be more inclined to trust. And, unless their expectations are disappointed, it is well on its way to total satisfaction.

Humanizing the relationship

Although professionalism is a safe value, acting too mechanically would be harmful. The customer needs attention, advice, gifts and… a smile. Already, digitalization has greatly reduced conative interaction, using one’s own qualities can prove profitable.

To ensure customer satisfaction, it is necessary to take responsibility for sales strategy. Being a teacher, understanding, spontaneous and courteous will enhance the customer. In addition, it is important to be able to question oneself when necessary. Even more so if a professional mistake has been made. Quickly questioning oneself gives a chance to correct the course. Otherwise, it is a huge opportunity to generate customers that collapses and customer satisfaction with it.

Discussion channels are essential for a lasting and convincing relationship. There are many options in this area, such as:

  • Private and instant discussion channel;
  • Redirection to an affiliated blog;
  • Comment areas;
  • Commercial page on a social network, etc.

Humanizing the customer relationship also means being available and providing assistance unselfishly.


This is the central point of customer satisfaction. Services build the identity of a company and highlight its added values.

In this regard, it is mandatory to stick to the agreed terms and not to change anything without the customer’s prior consent. The seriousness of a company is also proven by the compliance with deadlines and promises. In this regard, it is completely inappropriate to promise the impossible just to attract customers. This harms credibility and trust.

After-sales service is the final step to convince the customer of the real advantages of the company. The chances of retaining them are huge if the after-sales service is impeccable.

Measurement tools

Finally, it is important not to overlook measurement tools for customer satisfaction. In fact, the various measurement techniques allow the seller to track its popularity rating.

This scrutiny allows e-commerce to continue on its path or to rectify its approach. Through this, it can in fact initiate corrective actions in order to improve customer satisfaction. Performance statistics are important to allow e-commerce to see more clearly and avoid pitfalls.

In conclusion, acquiring customers is a time-consuming and asynchronous process and it is impossible to predict everything. However, playing on the emotional and sensitive fibers can achieve good results. Although quality is a key condition, it is not enough to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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