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What solutions to be more visible on Google?

If there is one thing that all entrepreneurs (whether they are only on the web) or that they use the internet to drive traffic, it’s Google. Everyone wants to be visible on Google indeed and if possible appear when typing their keyword or the ultimate query of their business.

And, of course, since everyone wants to be visible on Google, it’s become one of the most competitive places out there. Likewise, the war is getting closer and closer and today, it is a real job to be what we call a “professional SEO”. More specifically, this refers to the work of an SEO consultant, who by definition is a professional SEO on Google. He knows the rules and the updates of Google which make it possible to be well visible on the search engine.

Honestly, as a private blogger, you can very well achieve rankings on your keywords but without knowing it you have certainly applied professional methods. Most certainly, you write good articles that are long enough, with good titles, you have internal links between your articles, etc. Otherwise, very clearly, without applying the golden rules of SEO, it’s impossible to get there.

So, if you’re not a search engine optimization expert, how do you do it?

Here are 3 great ways to make it happen!

1 / Call a professional

Yes, if you really have a business and you need to get traffic quickly, it seems to me that you should hire a professional directly. You can search on google and select the one that you think is the most suitable. Learning SEO is once again a real skill that gets more and more complex over time.

By going through a professional, you will be sure to have tangible results! Very generally, this is what we do because in the end, the return on investment is always rapid.

Otherwise, the other less expensive option in terms of price but which will take you more time is to train yourself.

2 / Learn and train

If you have the time and the energy to train yourself, then really go for it. Tell yourself that this is a skill that will come in handy. Once again, If you’re aware of how be visible on the first page on Google, all doors will open for you.

On the one hand, you will be able to harness this knowledge for yourself and drive traffic to your business. On the other hand, you can also charge for your consulting services. Of course, this will not happen overnight . You really have to be aware of that from the start. Likewise, it can be complex too. There is so much to learn and without practice your knowledge will have to be completed.

Otherwise, rest assured, to do a little SEO work, blogging type, like what I do, if you write good SEO articles, that would be good.

I imagine you came across this blog after typing a query on google, right? Well, there you go, just imagine I’m just applying the basic SEO rules, actually. I’m not breaking my head any more than that. That said, to be honest, I would have saved a a lengthy period if I had hired a consultant from the start.

To have good results, we must not kid ourselves, it takes time …

Final word on being visible on Google

In fact, the purpose of this article was not to list some things for you to do to be visible on Google. I even wrote quite a few articles on the subject. What I wanted to talk about instead is the broad outlines, even the overall strategy to follow.

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