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Set up start up on the net: How much does it cost?

The number of people who want to set up start up on the net is impressive. This figure is increasing every year. The covid crisis has even accentuated the phenomenon with the rise of online work.

However, and very clearly, there are at your fingertips those who go to the end. Alas, many entrepreneurs fail.

The first mistake that many young entrepreneurs make is to start their business project without forecasting the total cost of their investment. In fact, they are taken aback and have to find a food job to set up start up. There, their business creation project naturally fell through due to lack of time and energy.

In this article, I will show you in a few lines how much can you get from starting your business.

This is indeed a question that we are asked very often and we wanted to give you concrete figures. That said, to be exact, we should talk about a business on a case-by-case basis. Here, the article is intended to be general. We therefore give approximate figures.

The funds needed depending on the situation the business!

Mobilizing financial resources to launch a company will be determined by sector in which you want to invest. It is obvious that a physical store creation type project will be different from an online business project.

By creating an online business today, you can do it with less than 100 euros per month for example.

You understand then that the question of funds to be raised for the set up start up of an income-generating activity varies completely according to the style of projects that one wishes to realize.

It’s entirely up to you. to see what you have from a from a financial standpoint. Perhaps the best thing is to choose to start a business according to the funds you currently have.

Can you create a business without any funding?

As I mentioned earlier, the financial resources required for set up start up vary depending on the business style you want to create.

Better yet, it is also possible for you to start a company without having thousands of dollars. This is possible thanks to the internet. Here I wink at entrepreneurs who take advantage of technological advances. Indeed, you can set up start up whose mission is to market your abilities by being a freelancer. And how much do you need for such a project? Not beyond 100 euros!

Besides, I find it even more judicious to start a company of this type. If you don’t have any capital at all then, yes, being self-employed and “selling” your skills can be a great place to start.

Ditto if you have a product to sell, start with a simple page that you will do yourself for example. No I’m going to need to construct a website. with a thousand features if you are new to it.

Learning to do everything yourself is the key to minimizing costs.

What costs money when you’re starting a company?

When you make the decision to start a business , there are elements that are essential to the growth of your structure. Here I want to talk to you about: the image of your company, the legal formalities and the presence on the web as well as the material.

  • Company image (branding): this relates to the identity of the company. Your business should be easily identifiable both by customers and by your potential partners and investors. This identity can only be based on your logo, company colors, fonts, etc. To get all this, you necessarily have to spend a larger or smaller monetary value. This varies depending on the choice you make, if you decide to contact a professional in the field, whether on a platform such as Fiverr or through an agency.. Of course, you can also do this on your own on a platform like Canva. When your business takes shape, you can then hire a professional.
  • Legal formalities: The legal aspect is essential when it comes to set up start up. It intervenes when it comes to obtaining authorizations to make it happen mission activity. To start on the web, generally, in France, people choose the self-employed status.
  • The presence on the web: Today, the presence of an online business is a real necessity to generate traffic. This is exactly the setting up of a website. This just like the logo, the design costs are variable depending on the service sought. You should also know that the presence of an online business is not limited to the existence of a website dedicated to it, but also extends to its regular feed. Perhaps it will be necessary to consider recruiting a web editor for example.
  • Traffic generation: There, you will necessarily have to pay for paid traffic. Advertising is indeed essential in the creation of a profitable business.
  • Social networks like instagram or youtube are also not to be neglected, the management of which will require the intervention of a community facilitator (for example by hiring a Community manager.
  • The equipment: it is essential for the beginning of your company. The cost of the material is logically variable depending on the activity in which you engage. Obviously, to sell online training, you would need a good camera and a camera as well as good lighting, among other things. You will then see that only the nature and the size of your business will actually determine the equipment you will need. It will therefore only be you decide adjust it to your budget and your needs.

Concretely, what is the cost to launch a business on the net?

If we take the essential points stated above, here is what it gives:

  • Company image (branding): From 0 euros if you do it yourself. About hundreds of dollars if you go through a freelance. Thousands of euros if you solicit a communication agency.
  • Legal formalities: Free if you take the necessary steps yourself. For a business other than a micro-business, You’ll need to spend a few thousand euros (see more) to set up start up. A tax expert and / or an accountant will also be necessary. There you will certainly have a monthly fee of a few hundred euros.
  • Web presence: Creating a site can be very affordable if you do it yourself on WordPress for example. You should only pay around 40 euros per year for the purchase of the domain name and web hosting for example.
  • Traffic generation: There, advertising can be the most expensive pole. It will all depend on the traffic you are looking for. Advertising on Facebook becomes apparent relatively inexpensive. Plan to spend 5 euros per day to run a campaign on a small scale.
  • Social networks Taking on a community manager can cost you a certain salary per month depending on the work he will be doing. You can also pay per service (for example 10 posts per month) a freelancer on a platform like fiverr.
  • The Material: It will depend on your internet business that you want to set up. Making a channel on YouTube with suitable material will initially cost around 1000 euros if you want good equipment. You can also start by investing only in a microphone and a tripod. Your phone may be more than enough, for example.

Basically, you see that even for a simple business on the net, it will nevertheless be necessary to plan a small budget. The ideal would be to have a minimum of 1000 euros for the implementation of your main frame.

Then You’ll need to start selling your products very quickly because the costs can go up over time. In addition, this is how you will test your products and your business.

Likewise, you will also have to think about “paying” your basic expenses (rent, food, etc.). This may require additional capital.

Should we start if we have no capital?

I want to say that precisely, if you do not have capital, it may be time to think about starting your business on the net. Truly.

Understand that it is especially important that you do the most things on your own if you want to minimize your costs. She is the ultimate answer, in fact.

You can also create a side-project for example if you cannot leave your job for the moment.

There are countless chances available on the internet where you may start a business without a lot of money, which is a tremendous blessing.

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