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Renting out your apartment on airbnb and earn money

Airbnb is a fantastic method to make money. has been the latest big trend for people who wanted to earn a little additional money income or for those who wanted to monetize their real estate.

You’ve probably heard of people who have earned thousands of dollars in just a few years from their Airbnb rental , right?

Maybe you even have a friend who brags about making a good amount of money just in just one weekend. It’s very common in big cities, by the way. Yes, making money on Airbnb is one of the increasingly popular ways to supplement one’s income.

Would you like to do the same? Would you also like to learn how to Renting out your apartment on airbnb, in order to increase your income, without having to worry too much?

You are in the right place! But, you already know that, don’t you?

Is indeed today an interesting alternative to the traditional accommodation we know (such as hotels, which can be overpriced and do not necessarily guarantee a good stay).

For guests, those who decide to get started and regularly Renting out your apartment on airbnb, this is the way to build up a real full monthly income, or to supplement their ends of the month.

Because, yes, maybe you didn’t know it, but Airbnb is a fantastic method to make money passively. You can finally afford the vacation you dream of so much… or simply repay your debts and why not, you can even save!

So here we will give you all the information you need to know how to make money with Airbnb.

Yes, it’s a business accessible to everyone, as long as you own a property (not necessarily a second home! You can also rent your extra room).

Come on, today is the big day, we learn to become a host who knows how to earn money with Airbnb in the rules of the art!

The essential elements to consider before getting started on Airbnb

Before embarking on rentals on Airbnb, you should first find out about the rules for brief-term lodging in force in your country or city. There are specific regulations that apply rentals as well as tenants, which you absolutely need to know before you start.

1. Learn about the legislation in your area and regulations:

This is the very first thing to do! It It is critical to know how the laws in force in your country apply. You could get in trouble if you don’t respect them. For example, some cities, some countries, demand that you have a business license or a special short-term rental permit.

For example, in France, you cannot exceed 120 rental days, otherwise you have to switch to professional status. In Spain you have to have a special license, etc.

2. Plan the amount you need (plan work, etc.)

That’s the crux of the matter – making money with airbnb, right? It’s important to ask yourself why you would want to become an Airbnb host?

What purpose ? Is it in order just to get by? Pay your rent? Pay your next vacation? Is it to save money and pay for your future vacation? Or is it for daily expenses? You must first set yourself financial goals, which will permit you to better organize your rentals (number of rental days, etc.), and thus be more profitable.

If you really want to profit from airbnb, you have to know how to budget, if only to better know how much you will have to do any possible work.

3. Know the prices displayed by your neighbors

To estimate the price of a stay in your rental, you must first find out about the average rental prices in your city. It’s like doing market research, indeed. You have to take into account specific criteria that will help you better determine the price you will offer to customers.

For example, look at the price of a night in a rental similar to yours: that is to say, rental with the same number of rooms, presence of a terrace or not, accessibility with public transport etc … You can then set your prices according to the offer already present.

And yes! Being a host on Airbnb requires you to do a little research beforehand. if you would like to optimize your performance, you have to do the right thing.

4. Notify your close neighbors (important)

Notifying your neighbors of your intentions to rent is also essential. Even more so if your house / apartment is in a condominium. And even if you think your neighbors don’t have a say, you must understand that it is very important to warn them.

Rules of life in co-ownership exist, and it is necessary to know them. And among these rules, preventing the arrival of new people in the condominium is important.

Your neighbors can also be good allies in your approach: they can be of service to you (for example welcoming guests on the first day, or helping them out in case of needs ect…). I assure you that it can be very beneficial casually!

And as with your owner, make sure to present the strengths of these rentals, and note the requests and thoughts of your neighbors (for example, no more noise after a certain time, places available parking a vehicle, etc.).

It is important to reassure your neighbors by giving them as much information as possible about your rentals (maximum number of people, rental days, etc.).

5. If you are tenants, talk to your landlord ! Pardi!

If you decide to become an Airbnb host of an apartment or house that you are already renting, you need to talk to your landlord about it first. Authorization from him is required for you to do this.

Otherwise, it’s illegal (in most countries, it seems to us). It will certainly not be an easy task to convince him, but you can discuss with him the terms of the rental, and perhaps the benefits it could bring him.

Maybe you can think of sharing half or part of the profits? Your proposals must be clear and realistic. You have to be able to convince your landlord that Renting out your apartment on airbnb has more benefits than risks. Prepare in advance!

6. Insurance and tax issues … Essential!

These are two crucial points. Insurance and tax issues are paramount when it comes to becoming an Airbnb host. You should find out about the tax and insurance rules in force in your city / country.
Airbnb has set up protection insurance for each host. This makes it possible to cover, if necessary, claims for bodily injury or material damage up to a third party 1 million euros. Which protects you in the case of a prosecution of one of your guests.

However, you should know that Airbnb does not insure the house or Renting out your apartment on airbnb. And if you are already a tenant, no insurance is provided for in your rental contract.

It is certainly possible, for example, to take out separate liability insurance, with the consent of your owner. In some countries, registration at the town hall of the place of residence is required.

Regarding the taxes that you and your guests must pay, they vary according to your location and your type of residence. Typically, travelers’ taxes are added to the rental price. So you don’t have to do anything. For other taxes, check with applicable laws and Airbnb policy.

Our tips for maximizing your income as an Airbnb host

After all these great tips, now is the time to think about the prices of your rentals. Yes, if we are talking about making money with Airbnb, we have to go to the numbers!

1. What type of host are you or would you like to be?

There are those who want to earn money with Airbnb quickly and punctually and there are those who want to obtain a stable top-up to their salary. Finally, there are those who want to make it their full-time livelihood.

Perhaps the solutions to these questions questions will come to you little by little over the course of your rentals.

It’s critical to remember start slowly, so that you realize the work and the organization involved. You will also realize later on the rental and reception arrangements that you want to put in place: for example, will you continue to welcome guests on their arrival?

What are you going to put in place to welcome your guests? It is certain that a good reception will expand the number of reservations and especially positive comments.

2. Target the ideal type of tenant

What types of tenants are you hoping to attract? Are you traveling alone, as a couple, or with your family? Are you a man or a woman? You’re an athlete because you live in a place where it’s legal?

It is important to ask all these questions. This will allow you to determine your perfect and targeted customers, to be more precise in presenting your ad and house rules, and to organize yourself better.

The type of guest thus depends on Renting out your apartment on airbnb, the city in which you live, but also the space you offer. Depending on the space you have, you may prefer to have a couple or a family as a guest. For example, if You employ a single room within your own apartment, maybe a single person would do the trick.

3. Manage your time well

To be always more profitable as an Airbnb host, it is important to know how to manage your time. You have to think about the frequency of accommodation that you would like to have, the way you want to interact with your guests, but also the tasks that you decide to do and not to do (therefore to delegate to another person) etc … will allow you to be poorly organized and therefore to better manage your time.

You will therefore be more efficient in preparing your rental before arrival (cleaning, purchasing supplies, etc.).

You must also take into account the amount of time it will take you to welcome the client, organize visits, meet their needs and requests etc …

4. Estimate in advance the fees and costs associated with the rental

You should know that the fees and costs associated with the rental from one rental to the next to another. They vary, for example, based on the extent to which home apartment, the services you offer. They can therefore vary from one rental to another.
Therefore, in order to make profitable your costs and your expenses related to the management of your rental, you must organize yourself upstream and think about the purchase of furniture and other essential objects of the house: bedding etc …

You can also think about making essential purchases (toilet paper, paper, coffee, tea for example) before the arrival of each new guest. Making a list can help you see things more clearly. It will save you time and help you manage your budget better.

The essential guidelines for making an ad that makes you want to book!

Now, it’s time to create your Airbnb profile and take the first step! It should be remembered that it is not only the quality of the photos presented that will affect the booking rate. No! the way of writing and presenting the advertisement will also be decisive.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Honesty and transparency

Do not be tempted to misrepresent your rental or to lie about what you are offering, especially with misleading photos. It could compromise your activity as a host and seriously discredit you! Be honest and transparent with what you have to offer.

2. Precision in the presentation of the advertisement

The more details you give about your rental, the better! Indeed, the more detailed it is, the more customers you will attract. To accompany your description, remember to choose the photos you will publish.
The title of your ad is also very important. It’s consumers’ first impression when they do their research. It should be concise but comprehensive.

For instance, you may list the city in which your apartment or home is situated, the number of rooms, etc. Additionally, don’t forget to mention the supplementary services you provide, like wifi and breakfast, etc.

3. Take care of your profile

Your profile should be organized and clear. Like you’re a professional after all. Especially since on Airbnb, it is becoming more and more professional. Your profile is your business card. It must convince the client want, with a nice presentation of you, photos of your rental well taken and which show its qualities etc …

No need to overdo it, but correct photos as well as a detailed, well-written presentation , spelling-free and clear will win you customers.

4. Know flexib be the

if you would like to become an airbnb host, you have to be flexible. Unexpected events of all kinds can happen: guests can arrive late because of train or plane delays, public transport blocked ect…

You must be capable accept the unforeseen and deal with them. You must also make sure to be present for the customer, to answer his questions and needs. Remember they are paying you for your service.

5. Make house rules simple and clear

Each host defines their own house rules. And if they must be noted on your profile, another idea is to print them out and display them in one of the convivial spaces of the house, such as in the kitchen or the living room for example. Be careful not to make the rules too strict!

The customer should still feel comfortable when he arrives at your place. Too strict rules, where too many rules can be disturbing for newcomers. Remember to write down your rules in a simple and clear way: say, for example, if customers can accommodate guests? If yes how much? Are pets allowed? Is it allowed to smoke? How to use the television etc…?

6. Apply on his ad!

The quality of the photos and even the angle you choose is super important. Sometimes apartments are really interesting but the fact that the photos are of poor quality… .That makes the ad unattractive.

Take care of your photos! It’s the first thing people will see! And, if you are not good at photography, then do not hesitate to hire a professional photographer . It’s a good investment, believe me.

After that ?

Well, then, you have to follow basic rules of etiquette because yes, making money through Airbnb also requires common sense.

A friendly and smiling person when tourists arrive can make a big difference, for example. It’s like in a restaurant, it’s the whole atmosphere of the room, the waiters, the service that will influence our experience.

To make money on airbnb, you have to take care of all aspects and that goes as far as the way you address people.

Make it a pleasant human experience:

Here, what we’ll be doing see are therefore rules of good manners that will be particularly useful in your airbnb business. Also, even if you so desire profit from airbnb, it’s even better if it’s fun, right?

So, even if you know all that, it’s always good to remember them And, not just for Airbnb by the way, but for everyday life.

1. Take precautions

When you start on airbnb, you have to make a habit of taking certain precautions. When a client validates a stay, always take the time to check their profile, and the comments they have received. You can run into malicious people.

So always check the rental history of your guests on Airbnb. Also, don’t forget that the platform records all the conversations and communications you have with the customer. You can always use it just in case.

Finally, also remember to remove from your apartment or your rented house any important or valuable object.

2. Provide a clean and welcoming space

Cleanliness is essential when renting a house or apartment. A dirty apartment could cause you to lose a lot of customers! Think about the negative comments you might have! It will therefore be necessary to think about cleaning up before each arrival of a new customer.

You can also boost the worth of your home rental pleasant and welcoming with a simple and modern decoration, for example. Small things, like a dim light, a plant, a painting can dress and make a space pleasant in the blink of an eye.

3. make your guests feel comfortable

You must take action. your guests feel at home. Once again, simple actions can be a game changer. You can think of offering your customers books, games, sheets and extra bath towels, snacks for the morning or afternoon. All these little touches will put the customer at ease and earn you positive feedback without much effort.

4. Don’t run away from your guests

Some hosts do everything to avoid meeting their guests…. Besides not being very polite, it can make your guest uncomfortable. You don’t need to spend your time with him, but it is important to meet him at least once during his stay, especially if he is renting a space in your house, or near you.

Using Airbnb to gain money, you really have to think long term and don’t forget that word of mouth can have a nice impact on earnings.

5. Gradually increase your income and become a “super host”!

Once launched on Airbnb, you can finally think about improving the reception of your customers and increasing your income. And one of the ways to do that is to compile positive verified reviews. Thus, the more your rental is in demand, the more you will have the ability to increase the prices! It’s as simple as that!

To have good comments, remember to please customers! Suggest a list of restaurants and shops to visit in the city, or a quick city tour, or a welcome cocktail, do them a favor… there is no shortage of ideas! It is these small gestures that will absolutely different and thus increase the number of your rentals, as well as their price!

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