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How to optimize your Google My Business listing: 11 improvements

Google My Business has become the most indispensable tool for local SEO and your local marketing in general.

If you have a physical activity that depends on a catchment area then you must have a gmb optimizer.

However, it is not enough to have a GMB account to hope to have traffic and customers. 

You must also have a good SEO on Google or even called local SEO for this it is possible to train in Google Business .

To do local SEO, you will need a well-optimized website, a good online reputation thanks to the opinions requested from your customers, an excellent web presence and above all a well-optimized Google My Business listing.

We will focus on the last case which is the most important of the factors. If you don’t have a well -optimized listing for local SEO, then you will have little chance of being visible on Google.

We are going to give you some tips and advice  your gmb optimizer account. 

Here are some pointers and recommendations for improving your gmb optimizer listing:

As a bonus, an infographic to sum it all up!😉

Basic Google My Business optimizations

Create an account or claim your gmb optimizer listing 

Before optimizing your file, you must already have one. 

It is one of the first factors of Google. A claimed listing makes a business more legitimate on Google.

How to optimize a listing if you don’t have a listing or if you don’t have control over your listing?

This is the first step for you, if you haven’t already. You must have the ability to edit your gmb optimizer account information.

Yes, your listing may be created without your consent but You don’t possess control.

Do not panic, we explain the steps to get there:

There are 2 options:

  • Either your file already exists and you will just have to claim it
  • You do not have an existing file on the web and in this case you must create a file from A to Z.
  • Create a new gmb optimizer listing
  • Go to Google My Business
  • Click on Connect 
  • Click “Create a gmb optimizer account”
  • Follow the instructions given and use our advice at the bottom to already optimize 
  • Receive your validation code
  • And There you go !

Claim your listing if it already exists

Before proceeding with the process of creating a Google My Business account, you must first check whether your listing does not already exist on the search engine. 

Your listing may already be created and you just need to claim it as the business owner. Google uses information from other directories or Local Guides to generate a listing automatically.

How do I know if my listing is already created on Google with its Maps service?

It’s very simple, just search on Google with its Maps service for your establishment. If a listing is visible with the correct address then You can select “Claim Google My Business listing” or “Manage this listing” and follow the instructions to optimize your listing.

You will have to fill in your information with caution as indicated below. Then, Google will of course send you a validation code either by email or mail to verify that you are the legitimate owner. And There you go.

If you can’t find your listing on Google, continue to the next step.

If you can’t find a listing with your name and address, you need to establish a new one for Google.

To do this you will need:

this optimization for Google My Business step is crucial for you because a Google listing that is not claimed is less likely to be visible on Google or Google Maps. This is the first step not to miss to hope to be first when using Google with its Maps service of your city.

Let’s move on to the other steps for optimizing gmb optimizer listing. 

Tips for maximizing your gmb afterwards?

You should know that file optimization is not easy. It is not enough to complete information but to choose the information and content to put in place so that Google puts you forward.

Some companies are wrong from the start when they complete their file to claim it. It is necessary to know for example the type of category to put and the type of photo, the attributes.

1-Complete the form with the correct information (name, address, hours, telephone)

The main purpose of the Google My Business listing is not only to be referenced on Google. It is also used to inform Internet users and your customers about google my business hours , your telephone number, your address and your website. 

What is your file for if you have not correctly indicated all your information?

To have a well-optimized listing, you need consistent information. For example, the schedules must be well informed so as not to frustrate your customers who will decide to go to the point of sale. 

Your phone should be your main number, you should be easily reachable. You don’t have to change the number every month.

Your address must be well informed and known to Google. An address is known to Google when the search engine finds the address quickly. To see if your address is known, just search on Google and see if a map is visible.

The name on your GMB listing should not be taken lightly. Many companies make the mistake of optimizing the brand name on the listing by putting keywords related to the city or sector. 

This practice works but can have serious consequences. Google prohibits this practice and sanctions with a suspension of file (file deleted from Google).

If you possess a listing suspension, you can say goodbye to the SEO of your Google Profile listing. Generally, the page is removed from search results so you no longer appear on Google or Google Maps.

2– Select the appropriate category (look at what the competition is doing) to optimize your Google My Business

This is one of the most important parts of your Google My Business listing. This is the main optimization of your Google My Business account.

You need to choose your categories carefully .

Your GMB categories give Google more information about your industry. It is thanks to these categories that it will be able to position you on the right keywords. For example, a restaurant that serves brunches might have a “Brunch” category to hopefully be visible on similar brunch-related queries.

There are 2 types of categories:

  • The main category : this is the most important and the one that should best describe your activity. If you have several hats, then ask yourself the service or products that bring you the most today.
  • Secondary categories : these are categories that you can add if your activity varies. For example, if you are both a plumber and locksmith. You can add several categories but it is advisable to put a maximum of 3.
Be careful to choose your categories carefully. To properly select your categories, don’t hesitate to look at what your competitors are doing in the sector.

Take good quality photos 

Google My Business is now your new digital storefront and homepage. That’s why it’s important to put Google my Business photos that highlight your business.

We always recommend putting at least 3 photos of the exterior of your establishment, 3 photos of the interior and 3 photos of your products and services.

If you are a restaurant, for example, take nice photos of your à la carte dishes, your reception hall and the atmosphere of your restaurant. You must arouse the envy of Internet users in your communications .

Google particularly appreciates exterior photos (with the name of your brand). Exterior photos give Google additional proof that your establishment is genuine.

Be careful, not to put retouched photos, the photos must be of very good quality.

It is even possible to put 360 degree photos to immerse Internet users in your establishment.

Be different with videos

It is possible to put videos of your business on your Google My Business listing. If you have beautiful presentations of your company, do not hesitate to put them. Internet users will be more intrigued. Few businesses take the time to put videos so you will stand out from the others.

The choice of attributes for your establishment (for restaurants, services, hotels)

Attributes give users more information about a property’s amenities and capabilities.

To optimize a Google listing, you must also highlight the strengths of your business.

This optimization is essential for certain sectors of activity such as hotels or restaurants. Hotels can mention on their sheet if they have wifi, a spa, a swimming pool, a breakfast. Restaurants must, for example, mention whether they offer delivery, take-out or on-site. 

Attributes have become even more important with the appearance of Health and Safety attributes . They provide information on the sanitary measures carried out by a company.

Publish Google Posts regularly 

Google posts are important to animate your Google My Business listing and give you more visibility. These are short-lived news broadcast on Google search results. 

They allow you to give news to Internet users and to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The optimization of your file also passes by the animation of this one.

There are several types of Google My Business post:

  • News : if you have a new product or an announcement to make
  • Event : If you have an event
  • Product 
  • Info covid 19 : if your company is affected by Covid 19, this will allow you to give news

Be careful, you also need to know how to optimize a Google My Business post to get better results.

It is even possible to post on several establishments at the same time. Chains or franchises can post and schedule posts across multiple locations with tools.

Answer your FAQs

This is a little known but super important feature for your reputation. Internet users can ask questions publicly but other Internet users can also answer them. Hence the importance of properly managing your online standing.

You have to be able to answer each question and control your reputation.

When you answer the questions, you avoid that certain Internet users answer for you.

Little trick, it is even possible to create your own questions and answer them publicly. It’s quite handy if you don’t have any questions yet. 

Find the questions most asked by your customers such as the address of the establishment, the prices or your conditions.

Reply to your Google My Business messages

It is important to reply to all your Google My Business messages , especially if you have activated the option. Google messages allow users to send you a message from the search engine.

To activate the option you must:

  • Login to Google My Business
  • Click on the “Messages” section
  • Then “activate the message option”
  • So

Get and Respond to More Google My Business Reviews

The mainstay of local SEO is reviews. When Internet users search for a service provider on the Internet, they compare each service provider using reviews.

What will you choose between an escape game in your city with 16 reviews and comments or another with 346 reviews?

Reviews are not only used for your reputation but also for your local SEO. Google reviews are well known to be an important factor in Google My Business SEO.

The more opinions you have with comments, the more likely you will be to be referenced on Google and Google Maps .

The most important thing is not to have a lot of opinions but to collect opinions regularly. You must create a process within your company so that all your employees collect reviews regularly.

We advise you in our previous article, the tools to facilitate the collection of opinions from your customers such as requests by SMS, e-mails, Qr code etc….

Of course, you also have to know how to answer them. An unanswered comment is not very good for your image on the web. Google gives more weight to your reviews when you respond to them.

Above all, you must respond to negative reviews so as not to tarnish your online reputation. Of course, you have to be cordial and not respond out of anger.

You may be surprised, but negative reviews can in some cases help your Google My Business SEO. Google studies show that a rating between 4.2/5 and 4.5/5 is better than a rating of 5/5. For many Internet users, there is always an element of error in a company, nothing is perfect. It might seem suspicious to have only bad ratings so manipulate the reviews.

SEO on your website

Sometimes optimizing your listing and receiving reviews isn’t enough to get first on Google Maps.

Your website must also be optimized for natural referencing because Google uses the content of your website to better position your listing on Google.

We are going to quote you some essential optimizations for your website.

Little tip if you don’t have a website yet, don’t hesitate to use the free Google website .

A mobile-friendly site

The mobile phone has taken a big place in our use of the web. Everyone searches Google on their mobile. Many Internet users search for local service providers from their mobile phones.

Your website must therefore be adapted to all mobiles (Iphone, Galaxy, etc.). A mobile friendly site improves the user experience on the website.

Speed ​​of your website

A website that is slow to load can cause you to lose visitors or even future customers.

Did you know that 50% of visitors leave a website if the loading time is above 3 seconds. This is all the more important when they are on their mobile phone.

There are a few simple things you can do to prevent your site from taking too long to load.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Compress your images and photos before putting them on your website. Avoid formats that are too heavy.
  • Choose images in webp format if browsers are suitable
  • Image size is important and suitable for your website. An image that is not the right size slows down your loading speed.
  • Do not use too many unnecessary widgets or extensions on WordPress or other CMS which can slow down your site
  • Use LazyLoading to make your images appear gradually.

Pick relevant keywords.

The most important element of a website in SEO is the choice of keywords. You must have chosen the best search terms for be able to create your content.

The choice of keywords is not easy because a good keyword can depend on the volume of searches, the competition, the relevance with your activity.

For example, use tools like Ubersuggest or to give you ideas for keywords to insert into your texts.

If you don’t have keyword strategies, it could be difficult to follow the SEO google My Business evolutions. If you have a real estate agency and you have an SEO strategy, you must target keywords such as “Real estate agency + your city” or “house purchase + your city”

Do you have any other tips or questions about optimizing your Google My Business listing?

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