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How to earn money from your automobile (GetAround)

Thanks to the Getaround site , you have the simple opportunity to earn money by renting your car. Family car, luxury or vintage, truck or utility, you can rent your vehicle by the hour or by the day to make ends meet, or even build up real additional income in just a few clicks.

Rather than leaving your car in your garage, why not rent it? In addition, when it comes to ecological issues, this is still a very good thing.

But how does it work in practice?

This is what we will see now.

Concretely, Getaround is an application for connecting individuals. It works like any other online matchmaking platform. It connects car owners with people who want automobile rental.

Anyone can register and offer their car. And if you instead wish automobile rental, all you have to do is register as looking for a car rental. It’s that simple !

The system is therefore simple: tenants pay, by the hour or by the day, for the rental of the vehicle they want. This is how car owners make money. As the owner, you decide when and how often you want to rent your car.

Today, millions of users go through Getaround to rent their car, truck or other. The platform can be used in 7 countries, and has over 2.5 million users in Europe alone. This is partly due to the competitive average rental price: between 30 and 40 euros per day.

Yes, if you are abroad it can also be a good plan if you are looking to rent a car.

Is Getaround a reliable site?

Like other sites for connecting individuals, Getaround involves risks. Some complaints have already been filed by owners, but also by customers. Indeed, some owners can, following a rental, recover their damaged car.

Some customers would even have complained for no reason. These are the risks that each sharing platform carries. It does exist and it should not be forgotten. Additional insurance measures can be taken directly on the site elsewhere.

How to make money with GetAround, tips to follow:

So that this can be the case, here are some important steps to keep in mind:

1 / Respect the basic rules

Yes, there are requirements. And this is particularly linked to security imperatives. The vehicles rented must be 4-wheeled vehicles, and dated 2010 maximum. The vehicle must also have driven less than 200,000 km. And regarding insurance matters, even if Getaround provides insurance when you register, it is your duty to ensure that your car meets the required safety standards.

In addition, Getaround will not ask you for any other document… A driving license will be required from tenants.

2 / Detail your ad as much as possible

Once you have verified that the car meets all the criteria, you can finally create your ad online. Note that Getaround is completely free: You can if you own an automobile. register and create your profile freely. You will be asked for information concerning your automobile , such as for example the number of mileage of your car, the postal code and the place where you are based, specific information concerning the vehicle etc …

Pictures of your automobile will also be requested. These photos, taken from specific angles and imposed by Getaround, will serve as an inventory. You will have to apply yourself to take the photos.

Moreover, as in any other sharing platform between individuals such as Airbnb for example, the more quality photos you put, the more likely you will be to rent it!

Once your ad is created, a member of the Getaround team will contact you to validate the ad and upload it, and proceed with the rest of the process.

3 / Install the Getaround Connect box.

The Getaround team member will be responsible for configuring your profile and installing the Getaround Connect box in your car (this takes about an hour and has no impact on your car warranty).

Thanks to this smart and secure box, you can manage your vehicle directly from your smartphone: make the inventory after a rental, open and close the car remotely, etc.

The box is placed directly on the dashboard, which allows the installation of an anti-theft feature that disables the starting of the car in the event of attempted use by an unverified person. It is also made up of a GPS which makes it possible to locate the car.

Note: After a 90-day free trial, the Getaround box becomes chargeable. You will need to subscribe to a Getaround connect subscription of 29 euros / month. For professional owners, the subscription costs 19 euros / month.

Things to consider before listing your car on Getaround

One of the main complaints raised about Getaround is the lack of communication and the slowness in handling complaints. Including complaints from owners who have recovered their damaged car. This can take months, which puts the rented car out of service. As such, Getaround provides a reimbursement in the event of non-use of its car in cases where the renters recover their car damaged and / or unusable for a while.

Also, it is good to know that the costs related to the cleanliness and management of your car are your responsibility if you rent your car, before being reimbursed by Getaround (everything concerning for example the cleaning of your car ure after a rental, the need to repair certain things ect …)

Register on other rental platforms

As you should know, Getaround is not the only private car rental app. There are two others, also well developed: Ouicar for example, which is also present in several countries.

They can also save car owners money, but each has its own particularities . Getaround, for example, offers hourly and daily rentals at unbeatable prices, and remote access to vehicles, thanks to its smart and secure box. With Getaround, the car owner is not required to meet the tenant: everything can be done remotely. It is enough just to check the condition of the car after each race and to recover the amount won.

With Ouicar, tenants pay a daily rate and must meet the owner of the car in person to collect the keys.

It’s up to you to find the best app for you.

Final word on car rental on GetAround

Getaround is a good idea, but precautions must be taken

Clearly, despite the risks mentioned above, Getaround can be an excellent solution if you want to make money… without really doing anything.

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