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How to earn 500 euros a day with dropshipping?

Earning 500 euros a day with dropshipping, dream or reality?

For some time now, this practice has come under fire from critics on all sides, due to the excesses of part of the sector.

However, it is a real business model from which it is possible to make money, provided you know how to go about it.

Discover the truth about dropshipping now!

Dropshipping is still in use, it has only evolved

In 2021 dropshipping is dead! This peremptory sentence, we have already heard it last year, and even the year before. 

Yet many online shops based on this principle continue to thrive. In reality, dropshipping is not dead, it has only evolved.

The junk sellers, who sold trinkets bought in China and resold 10 times their price to Western consumers, had to lower the curtain. 

These amateur gold diggers, lured by the promise of easy earnings and trained by people hardly less novice than themselves, have given way to real entrepreneurs. 

This sanitization phase is found in any business, whether online or physical.

It’s perfectly possible to earn $500 a day with dropshipping, and even more, if you’re willing to act like a real boss and use the right methods. 

This article will give you a good overview of how to do it.

The essentials before starting
The first thing to do before starting is to check that you validate these 3 essential conditions to earn money with dropshipping.

Have a sufficient starting bet

Let things be clear once and for all: those who claim that it is possible to start dropshipping without money are lying to you. 

No business can be created from nothing, unless it is your skills that you are selling, and again. 

The initial bet is much lower than for a physical store, or an e-commerce for which you would buy your stock, but you must still have funds.

There are other costs to consider: hosting, the CMS and its associated apps, the multiple service providers you must pay, the formation of a dedicated bank account, advertising, and administrative requirements are just a few of the costs you must budget for.

To launch your business and run it during the first months, you must have a few thousand euros. Count between 3,000 and 5,000 euros to start with peace of mind.

Be prepared to invest a lot of time

One of the fatal mistakes in dropshipping is to consider this activity as a side job. A small project that you carry out “just to see”. If you look at things that way, you are sure to fail.

Could you imagine opening a bakery on the corner of your street and telling yourself that it’s “just to try”? 

Or prepare for the entrance exam to a prestigious school “to see what happens”? 

Of course not. You would totally invest yourself in such projects.

With dropshipping, it’s the same. You have to give everything to succeed. Opening an online store is a real business creation. 

Of course, there is no question of giving up your job, or your studies, before having results. 

But you must be aware that this activity will monopolize all your free time for many months, even a year or two.

Have strong motivation

Becoming a boss is not the easiest way to earn money. It involves making tough decisions, risking savings, and facing setbacks without getting discouraged. 

It’s an adventure that will give you moments of intense joy, but also painful disappointments that you will often have to face alone.

It is the strength of your motivation that will make the difference between giving up and succeeding. 

If you possess competitive mindset, like to surpass yourself and are able to keep moving forward when you are the only one who believes in it, e-commerce is for you. 

Otherwise, you are not yet ready to become an entrepreneur.

Prepare your project well

Now that the basics are laid, here are the key steps to prepare your online store project for success.

Start by training

The first step to succeed in earning 500 euros per day with dropshipping is to train yourself. But not necessarily in the way you imagine. 

A business owner must have many skills that dropshippers who sell specialized courses will not be able to teach you.

Start by learning the basics of accounting, administrative formalities related to business management, the basic notions of techniques to use your CMS independently and some notions of marketing. 

After doing this, you can sign up for a dropshipping course, taking care to choose a teacher who earns most of his income from his shop and not from his courses.

Do a market study

Market research is the second essential step to make money in dropshipping. 

This is what will allow you to find your niche, your winning products and learn to identify the target you are addressing. 

Neglecting this step is a sure disaster;

Select your suppliers

Suppliers are the keystone of a business like dropshipping.

Internet visitors no longer desire a 15-day delivery wait for items purchased from AliExpress. Today, dropshipping wholesalers may be found everywhere.

It’s up to you to identify those who are situated close enough to your target market to ensure prompt delivery. 

Even small firms whose founders lack e-commerce expertise can be used to offer high-quality local goods.

Make a provisional budget

The provisional budget is just as important as the market study for the operation of your business. 

It is he who will allow you to know how many sales you need to make to earn 500 euros per day with dropshipping.

At a glance, You’ll be able to see your costs and your earnings. If necessary, seek the assistance of an accountant because this is a challenging step. 

You can get free assistance from many groups that support new businesses.

Earn 500 euros per day with dropshipping

That’s it, you have validated all the previous steps, taken the plunge and opened your online store. Congratulation ! Here are the essential tips that will allow your shop to become a successful store.

Surround yourself with a good team

To succeed in dropshipping, you must absolutely forget the myth of the hermit entrepreneur, a sort of modern superhero who does everything, all by himself. 

Even those who have built a self-made legend have needed to tap into the talents of others to succeed (yes, even Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg).

Managing a business means being able to surround yourself with talented employees and manage a team. 

For a professional result, you will have to call on a graphic designer, a web editor, an SEO expert, possibly a community manager, an after-sales service operator and an accountant when the money starts to come in.

Seek around you if these talents are not available and offer them to join the adventure, for a part of the profits and an experience to put in their portfolio. 

If you have to call on external service providers, choose real professionals, even if it means paying the price.

Have a professional shop from the start

The best way to discredit yourself is to start with a hastily built shop. 

An absent graphic charter, wacky legal notices, poorly optimized product sheets, a cheap theme and discounted communication are all errors that it will be very difficult to correct later.

To hope to earn 500 euros a day with dropshipping, you have to do things right and be pro from the start. 

Again, think of a brick-and-mortar store opening with a hand-painted sign, flickering lighting, wobbly shelves, and peeling paint. 

Surely you wouldn’t want to come back after your first visit to see if the boss has been able to invest in the necessary improvements.

Maximize SEO

Most dropshippers apply the advice gleaned from YouTube and bet everything on Facebook advertising to make themselves known. 

This is not the ideal strategy because the expense is becoming increasingly significant and the likelihood of garnering attention is quite limited.

By using SEO and optimizing your website, you may draw free natural traffic to your site.

This is the first lever on which you must bet to earn 500 euros per day with dropshipping and much more afterwards. 

If you can learn the basics by yourself, implementing an effective strategy requires calling on an expert, who will be able to establish an appropriate action plan.

Plan effectively for your advertising campaigns.

Even though advertising shouldn’t be your primary source of traffic, it can be helpful as your store starts to rank highly on Google and gains some popularity. 

You still need to understand how to create powerful advertising campaigns and how to plan them intelligently. A successful campaign is planned out over several months.

Pay particular attention to the production of your visuals and videos. 

Your customers should not think by looking at them that it is a dropshipping site. You have to be as pro as any shop.

Don’t settle for conventional ads. Also rely on what are called micro-influencers. 

These are users who have a smaller community than traditional influencers, but it has the particularity of being very involved. 

Their prices are much lower than those of the pros. But be careful to avoid picking individuals who might damage your store’s reputation.

Being adept at social networks

Social media should be used for more than just advertising if you want your shop to run smoothly. 

It is important to bring together a committed community that will interact with you. Having a blog and an account on several of them is a good strategy.

The choice then depends on the channels your target audience frequents. As the animation cannot be improvised, delegate this work to a community manager as soon as you have the financial possibility.

Put the package on the after-sales service

Just because you sell products that aren’t yours doesn’t mean you don’t have to provide quality after-sales service. 

Remember, this is your responsibility as a business owner. The nature of your business model does not concern your customers. 

It is in you that they place their trust at the time of purchase. When they encounter a problem, it is therefore up to you to do everything to solve it quickly.

A excellent after-sales service must be accommodating and give a specific response to the query. 

The best method to scare away your customers and generate a ton of refund requests is through automated, impersonal messaging. 

Don’t wait until you’re overburdened to assign someone to oversee your after-sales support while keeping an eye on it yourself to ensure a quality job is done.

Make the necessary adjustments

Managing a store to earn 500 euros a day with dropshipping also means being able to take your customers’ comments into account and quickly make the necessary adjustments.

If you receive recurring remarks on the poor performance of one of your suppliers, do not wait to change it. 

Have you been reported a technical problem? Intervene without delay. Remember that it is your customers who make your business live and that you are at their service.

Earning 500 euros per day with dropshipping is possible, provided you make the necessary efforts to obtain this result. 

You should consider this activity as a business in its own right, not as a means of gaining effortless gains.

Forget the old ways and position yourself with quality in mind. 

This article represents a frame of which you only have to dig the different points to succeed in setting up a business that works. You only need to take action!

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