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How to Begin a Business from bed?

This is the article that we had to present to you. We’ll teach you how to run your own business without further ado.

Maybe you fancy working from home?

Maybe you are reading this blog because you are interested in nomadic work?

Even if this adventure is not easy, I can assure you that it is worth it.

You manage your recruitments, your human resources, your finances, your events, your relations and your marketing yourself.

This is the sacrifice to be made for professional freedom. But for this to be effective, it will take good organization.

Establish your business plan now

Don’t think about establishing your own company without even defining a global vision for your business. By business plan, I mean the roadmap of your company or project.

I’m not really talking about a business plan in the proper sense with precise spreadsheets and financial projections.

There you will set up your business at home, so necessarily it will be a small business, with simple products and few or no employees (at the beginning, anyway).

It is the first thing to do before starting a professional activity at home. Going into a commercial activity without a plan is like jumping into the sea without a boat.

You therefore need a compass to guide you in your beginnings. You will need information such as:

  • The products or / and services you offer,
  • Financial projections (how much you will sell your product)
  • Market and competition analysis (see what is being done)
  • The details of your management (how you will manage everything from content to sale)
  • Your advertising and sales (how you will find your customers)

The optimal management of your home business will be based on this data. No need to take an unnecessary risk by launching yourself without it.

You absolutely have to know how your business is going to generate money, what you will need to sell and how you are going to sell them.

Do a (small) market study

It is a question here of having all the information related to your sector of activity. I invite you to consider several details beforehand. It is precisely:

  • Industry trends : you must have an idea of the most well-liked products and / or services on the market; as well as the available target and their expectations (age, category).
  • Identify your potential competitors and their potential. It is absolutely necessary and beware if you have no competition …
  • Control the role of the self-employed in your sector: identify entrepreneurs who also work at home and the services they offer. Find out if they are doing well and what problems they are facing. Remember that you will be like them when you start your business. They can give you a lot of information!

Create your website (yes, now)

You are not going to create a business by being at home without having a virtual storefront to promote your services and products. This is done by acquiring pages and sites.

But this is not enough, because they will have to be brought to life and updated on a daily basis.

Even if it may seem like too early to you, know that having a domain name will already get you started, as they say.

You will already have an online presence (although you will not have traffic). This will make an attempt to make an introduction, to present your offers etc. It is essential once again!

To promote your business and protect your label, you need to have accounts on the most popular social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and linkedin.

Even if you aren’t going to use them all immediately, you still need to have them with you. This prevents spoofing.

Do it now because it will help you see more clearly. In fact, if you see that you are having trouble filling out your site, there is a problem …

This means that you have not defined your business well upstream …

The luck we have today is that we can create websites very simply, without knowing how to code.

I recommend the Strikingly platform which is great for creating a site when you want to go fast and do well!

Know that you have ready-made templates and that you can have a beautiful site with just a few mouse clicks and already sell your products!

Yes, everything is included such as payment methods, product deliveries (physical or online to download), etc.

Start building your product

This is the heart of your business. No product, no sale, no sale, no money, no business. Yes, the equation is very simple

The product will even determine the whole future of your business. Its price, the quality of its manufacture, its nature etc. will greatly influence your business as a whole.

If you’re looking to sell, video training , it is different than when you’re looking to sell a hand-sewn handbag. If your product is digital, you are necessarily going to make bigger margins than if you have to create a product.

Finally, we cannot go into details in this article, but know that the creation of your product is at the very heart of your activity.

Think carefully about all the elements you need to take into account to create your product.

Start looking for your future customers

Customers will not come alone. To keep your business alive and earn funds, you need entries. I therefore offer you several effective means of communication for the emancipation of your activity. You can do this in a variety of ways. need to promote your company.

  • The creation of a blog with articles well referenced?
  • Distribution of flyers (in the case of a local activity)
  • Communication on social networks and your website
  • Advertise and prospect with your targets on social networks
  • Promotions via partners
  • The establishment of affiliate and sponsorship programs.

Marketing strategies abound. It’s up to you to find the one that will give you the most results for your market and your product.
Most likely, at first, you will seek out and try different strategies before you find your own. No problem there, it is also part of the job of the successful entrepreneur to seek and seek again.

Think about the legal system of your company

Setting up your home business, of course, involves setting up a formal business. Like any business, you have to opt for an appropriate legal status.

Several options are available to you to make this difficult choice. You can seek advice from a specialist, I highly recommend it, because each status has its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

I quickly remind you of the company statutes (in France) but be aware that you will need a minimum of support to choose the right status. This is not a decision to be taken lightly as you know.

  • The auto-enterprise (ex-auto-entrepreneur) is the easiest category of business to create. It offers several administrative, fiscal and accounting facilities. However, you are limited to a turnover cap. If you exceed this rate, you will have to change your legal form.
  • The single-person simplified joint stock company ( SASU ) allows you to benefit from a liability limited to your contributions and a status similar to that of an employee. Home activity will be held accountable for corporation tax.
  • The one-person company with limited liability ( EURL ) will confront you with a contribution scheme for the self-employed. Your income tax payment will be based on the profits of your business. You have the choice here between income tax and corporation tax.
  • A single-person business is a kind of business. legal form of business which also has the merit of being the simplest and fastest. However, care must be taken in this option, as the entrepreneur and the company in question are one and the same legally speaking. If the professional and civil activities of the entrepreneur are split, this is not the case with the assets.
  • The Individual Limited Liability Company ( EIRL ) is a company that has only one partner. The positive point of this statute is that the owner benefits from the regime of separation of professional and personal property.

If you wish to, you can make the best choice, I advise you to take stock with a sworn lawyer. If you’re interested, start a small home business then, well, self-employed status is ideal for you.

To begin with, it remains a formidable springboard, very clearly.

Final word: Starting a business, yes, but which business….?

So much for this little article on how you can start your own business from home. Actually, the steps are not very complicated. What is complicated is finding the right business idea.

Speaking of which, take your time. Remember that we are also here to help you in this choice.

We have also written many articles to help you find the right business idea that is right for you.

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