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How to be an infopreneur and sell your online business when you are not an expert?

This is clearly the question that comes up the most when beginners want to get started and become an infopreneur. Basically, having an online business and sell your online business, then. Indeed, they are told that anyone can do it and that they too can do it. In theory, this is true, know it.

Anyone can build an online training sales business, even if they are just starting out. Having said that, and this is the big catch, You must still do so. have something to say. Yes, your training must be about an apprenticeship. Whatever.

Maybe you are a beginner? Want to sell your online business but get stuck because you’re not an expert?

Worse yet, no one knows you (yet) and you don’t know how the heck to create that expert credibility you miss so much.

And, you also have the feeling of the impostor taking your guts when you imagine yourself selling your training, right?

And if you are precisely in this situation, let me tell you that this article is going to please you or at least help you.

And, just before we begin, I’d I’d want to use this opportunity to remind you that are not alone. Not at all even. It is even the universal feeling that strikes every good entrepreneur in his early stages.

Myself, I’ve been there to a lesser extent, don’t worry

The terror of failing is the biggest obstacle to success …

Yes, if a large number of persons don’t get started, it’s often the terror of failing. The terror of failing itself fed by the fact that they have precisely the feeling of the impostor. The fear of failing because they are not considered expert.

It is typically a vicious cycle, indeed.

So what are newbies thinking? They say to themselves that there is no point in launching because they will burn their wings. They will do so. waste their time and they will not make a sale.

The very anticipation of failure will simply push them into inaction.

So, this is where I want to intervene …

Do you think they were born experts?

Of course you know the answer.

No, they started off like you. By square one. The same as the one you are about to take.

So, we will now see concretely how to sell your online business when you are not an expert.

I have summarized the steps to follow to make it easier. You will see that getting began as an infopreneur. really not a big deal (well, it depends on your situation discipline).

Step 1: Become aware of your amateurism and assume it fully

The first thing I want to tell you is that when it comes to online training, it is not (often) academic training.

Most of the time, infopreneurs sell your online business on affordable topics that anyone can learn.

Typically, an infopreneur will sell relatively simple training courses:

The examples :

  • ake up an instrument
  • Train in graphic design
  • Learn to edit video
  • Learn how to become an online copywriter
  • The list is endless, etc.

What you need to understand is that online training is not college type training.

Generally, online training will teach you a practical skill.

Therefore, being a beginner is not a problem in absolute terms.


For the simple reason that a newbie infopreneur tends to explain better to other newbies. He also looks like a beginner and there is less “gap” with his students.

He will tend to transmit better what he has learned because he himself was completely new to it not so long ago.

If you know how to do anything even just the basic steps of something, you can teach it to someone else. This is what must be understood. Even a novice can sell a course online..

You are not required to complete training that calls for formal education and a degree. Even if there is, if you pay close attention, the majority of infopreneurs haven’t gone to school, for instance..

Moreover, they often brag about it and thereby prove to us that you can become an infopreneur without having a diploma.

Do not forget that training is above all training in a practical skill.

Now that you know this, normally you have to reconsider your status as a beginner and those you consider to be experts.

It is time to forget and move on with your fears of failure and being an expert. A beginner is fine and it can also sell your online business very well, don’t worry.

Step 2: You continually hone and rise in rank


This is the basis.

Just because you are starting out as a beginner doesn’t mean you have to stay a beginner. You know, moving forward and making progress is a big part of personal growth. It is very rewarding to surpass yourself.  It is very rewarding and very enjoyable to learn things. You will always have more to convey.

In short, you have to learn and always learn. Regardless of the level of your business in fact. It must be continuous.

Stagnation is dangerous for your activity and also for your morals, I want to say.

Learn and strengthen your skills. This is in fact the only legitimate way to gain self-assurance. After all, you want to be recognized as an expert, right?

Well, for that, no miracle, no magic, you have to learn and train yourself. There comes a time when you will exceed beginner status because you will know more than average.

Then after a while you will know more than average, etc. Until you know more than most people. And, this is already where you will be considered an expert.

It’s not a lot more difficult than that

Yes, fully understand the idea and definition of an expert. There is no objective definition in fact. Here is what we find as a definition on the Robert.

An expert is above all a person who knows his subject more than the vast majority. An expert is a person who knows a lot about something. delves into his subject and masters the details.

But, in our case of an infopreneur type expert with an online business, you don’t have to have a doctorate, eh. It is enough to master a useful and sought-after skill.

And, that is done with years of practice and learning.

Don’t worry, it will come.

Patience, eh, as always

Step 3: Focus on your difference and find your strength!

Of course, once you have considered what we have just seen, you have understood one thing: you just have to get started.

You have to proceed as accept the idea that yes, at the beginning, you will not be an expert.

It is in fact by launching yourself that you will stand out from your competitors. We all have a different way of being, we all have a different way of teaching.

This is where you need to create your niche.

This is what you have to work on: your particularity.

It is not because you are a beginner that you should deprive yourself of valuing yourself with other criteria.

It’s even the right time to rediscover your inner strength. your distinction This is how you’ll set yourself apart from other specialists.

Conclusion on selling your online business without being an expert

While writing this article, I finally understood where the real problem comes from in the case of infopreneurs.

In fact, it is linked to the fact that we use the word “expert”. Normally, this word refers to classic experts as we are used to seeing such as accountants, professors, doctors etc. In general and before the appearance of infopreneurs, they were people with real skills and knowledge, validated by studies and state diplomas.

And we use the same word for an infopreneur who teaches us how to eat better, for example. He is not a dietitian or nutritionist, for example. Yet he sells training videos or ebooks. He is considered an expert by the majority. We interview him, we question him etc …

He’s an expert.

What is the barometer in the end?

Unlike the official “experts”, there are none.

And, therein lies the “problem”.

Therein lies the problem when a beginner wants to get started. They think he is not an expert because he has not studied in the field.

  • In one sense, it is about assuming the fact of being a beginner.
  • Two, you have to assume your non-expertise and target the greatest beginners
  • Third, we must continue to learn more and more.
  • Four, take action!


Register on Podia and stop being afraid

And that’s what we have to overcome.

You are not being asked to be an expert in fact in the classic sense of the word.

We are simply asking you to know enough to teach us such and such a thing.

Once you have understood that well, you will calm down and you will understand that the infopreneur who declares himself to be an expert is not more than you tomorrow…. It is a question of degree.

In fact, in the idea, we still want to say that it can be catastrophic if there was such a thing as a lot of non-experts who create training. Finally, are there only self-declared experts?

Yes and no, frankly, an infopreneur who has been creating content for years and selling serious information, that’s an expert.

Don’t worry too much about it.

With this approach, the beginner is even sought after. His beginner’s eye is going to be a good method to disseminate information. It is the one which makes it possible to popularize better than an expert sometimes.

Let’s take the steps we saw in this article:

Hope this article has motivated you to get going. In any case, that was kind of the goal. Remind yourself that being an expert in a field of infoprenariat is really accessible.

And to take action, I say it sincerely. Really go there. Stop reading, stop looking for methods, get started.

Sign up for example on Podia , and choose the “Shaker” package to have the blogging option. Write your first article today!

You will directly have a page, articles and a space to host and sell your training.

Roll up your sleeves dear friends, and go for it.

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