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Did you know that you can build a business entirely on GetResponse?

Did you know that you can build a business entirely on GetResponse?

You know that just as well as I do, I imagine. I’m talking about this hassle when you want to get started and you don’t know which tool to use.

There are numerous options. tools and when you start, you don’t understand a thing. All of a sudden you have to understand what an autoresponder is , what emailing software is, what a sales funnel, a lead magnet, etc. In short, we are thrown lots of terms and lots of tools that are supposed to improve our quality of life easier.

Yes, in theory.

And indeed, as soon as we dive into it to try to understand what we are talking about, it is worse. It becomes blurry and we are not lost by the embarrassment of the choice.

To top it off some sites are in English and the interface is awful or old gen.

So we go to google and we start typing “best software to do such and such a thing”, then we type “software to do this”, then we type the essential “cheap software”, and so on.

In the end, we only do research and the more information we have, the less we know what to choose. Then you read blog posts and it’s downright hell.

Such trainer tells us that this software is the bomb when another makes us the apology of another. In short, you understood the idea and maybe even you recognize yourself in it, don’t you?

Well, if that’s your case, you’re not going to be happy.


Because I too will add a layer to your hesitation.

But, if I am doing this, it is not because I am a sadist, on the contrary, I would like to help you. You know how? I am going to tell you about a software which is really good OBJECTIVELY. I have been using it for years and there is nothing to say.

Better yet, I don’t know a real entrepreneur on the net who complains about it.

And if I’m telling you about it, it’s not just to talk about it like that in a vacuum. This is mainly to avoid wasting time if you are in the situation described above.

If you are looking for a tool that is multi-functional for your online business, then I have what you need. And best of all, if you are looking for one tool and software because you are minimalist, then I have what you need too.

This software, you have heard of it I imagine, it is GetResponse.

A killing, a perfection, an essential ally of your success.

(Yes, it’s time for great apologies but seriously, I think so anyway).

Do everything only on GetResponse, is it really possible?

Oh yeah, and I’ll be quick and to the point. I don’t want to waste your time. But yes, know that we can do almost everything on GetResponse.

Here are the main services that can be done on getresponse that will make your life as an online entrepreneur:

Have one or even more email capture.

What I appreciate the most is that you can have some really nice pages that you can fully customize. Likewise, with the dragging and dropping system, you just need to move the modules you want .

You can add images, videos, colors, paragraphs, buttons to external links, etc. No need to understand how to code or anything complicated, you can directly modify your page according to your own desires.

What I appreciate most is that we can create remarkable Landing pages on GetResponse. I’ve done a lot on GetResponse.

Create Sales Tunnels

When you create landing pages, you often offer a lead magnet like an ebook or a free conference. And, therefore, you can create very specific scenarios after you have given your “gift” to your audience. You can direct them to another page that offers, for example, your products or services. You can also take the opportunity to send follow-up emails afterwards.

Have a very powerful emailing software

GetResponse is clearly one among the most powerful email services out there. Seriously. The most complete but also the simplest to use. For me, for example, simplicity is one of the number one criteria, as I often say on this blog.

Here again you can personalize your messages or follow the templates already made. You can segment your readers and only send one part. It is also possible to do AB tests to verify the most effective headlines for your audience.

Schedule a newsletter

Finally, you can even send your newsletter automatically. For example, this is what I personally did with this blog. I send a newsletter which is scheduled for every 3rd of the month. Thus, all articles written during the month are sent directly in a newsletter email. I find it great because I have nothing to program and once a month, the blog readers receive the titles of the articles.

Your own own internet shop to directly sell your services and products!

This is something that we do not know at first glance because it was a new feature on GetResponse. You have the option to sell your coaching services for example or whatever. So you can create a page with your products with just one click.

Payment is made directly on the page and you do not need to subscribe to a third party. This will greatly facilitate your sales, as you can imagine.

Also, I hear those who wonder if we can also sell training. So it all based on how big you are training. If you have a video of less than 5gb, then you can sell it directly on GetResponse otherwise you will have to go through platforms to sell trainings, like Podia for example.

Conclusion on GetResponse

Really, I have been working on the internet for years and I must admit that getResponse is the central tool of all the activities that I have launched in my career. I use it some times only for sending an email and for some I have landing pages for example.

It is much more than email marketing software as you may have understood (I hope) and it is rather a complete and essential marketing software.

Wondering what’s the downside? Would it really be possible to have a tool that does not have a negative aspect? I do not think so.

Well, for this emailing software , I think the weak point is the price. It remains extremely accessible if you have less than 2,500 contacts, that’s a fact. But beyond that, it becomes more expensive. That said, I remind you that the prices are all higher or lower when it comes to emailing tools.

And, that makes perfect sense. The more people who sign up, the better you have, the more you are supposed to have a successful business.

Finally, this is my take on getResponse and this is also why I recommend it to anyone who really wants to have a clean and profitable online business.

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