Audiobooks: Can You Make Passive Income with in 2023?

Have you ever considered making passive income from audiobooks? If you are a book lover or have a great voice, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. With the audiobook market exploding, there is no better time to get started.

The Audiobooks Market is Exploding

According to a report by the Audio Publishers Association, audiobook sales have been steadily increasing over the past few years. In 2020, the industry generated over $1.3 billion in revenue, and this number is expected to keep growing.

Can You Make Passive Income with Audiobooks?

Yes, you absolutely can make passive income with audiobooks. By narrating audiobooks and publishing them on platforms like Audible, you can earn royalties every time someone purchases or listens to your audiobook.

How Much Do Audiobook Narrators Get Paid?

Audiobook narrators typically get paid per finished hour of narration. Rates vary depending on the project and the narrator’s experience and skill level. According to ACX, a popular platform for audiobook production, rates can range from $50 to $400 per finished hour.

How Do You Get Passive Income on Audible?

To get passive income on Audible, you need to publish your audiobook through a platform like ACX. ACX is an Amazon company that connects authors and narrators with producers and provides a way to distribute the finished audiobook on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Can I Make Money Reading Audiobooks?

Yes, you can make money reading audiobooks. However, you need to have the right skills and equipment and be willing to put in the time and effort required to produce a quality audiobook.

How Do Audiobook Narrators Get Paid?

Audiobook narrators can get paid in different ways depending on whether they are narrating other people’s books or their own.

Narrating Other People’s Books

If you are narrating other people’s books, you can get paid a flat rate or a percentage of the royalties. Flat rates are typically paid upfront and can range from $100 to $500 per finished hour of narration. Royalty shares are a percentage of the sales revenue and can range from 20% to 50%.

Narrating Your eBooks

If you are narrating your eBooks, you can earn both author royalties and narrator fees. This means you can earn a percentage of the sales revenue as well as the per-finished-hour rate for your narration.

Making Passive Income from Audiobooks for Beginners [Guide]

If you are interested in making passive income from audiobooks, here are some tips to get started:

Choose a Niche You are Passionate About

When choosing a niche, it’s important to choose something you are passionate about. This will help you stay motivated and produce high-quality content.

When Narrating for Others

When narrating for others, it’s important to communicate clearly with the author and producer to ensure you are meeting their expectations. You should also take the time to research the book and understand the author’s style and voice.

When Narrating Your Books

When narrating your books, you have more creative control. However, it’s still important to get feedback from beta readers or editors to ensure your audiobook is high-quality.

Finding the Right Platform For Your Needs

When choosing a platform to publish your audiobook, consider factors such as royalty rates, distribution channels, and the platform’s reputation in the industry.

Promoting Your Content

To make money from audiobooks, you need to promote your content. You can do this by using social media, book trailers, and paid advertising.

Narrate Other People’s Books – Or Your Own?

Have you ever considered narrating audiobooks as a source of passive income? The audiobook industry is booming, and there’s never been a better time to get involved. With the rise of platforms like Audible and ACX, anyone can become an audiobook narrator and start earning money from the comfort of their own home.

Does Amazon pay you to read books?

Amazon owns Audible, one of the largest audiobook platforms in the world. As an audiobook narrator, you can sign up with ACX (also owned by Amazon) and earn royalties for every audiobook sold. The amount you earn varies depending on the length of the book but typically ranges from 25% to 40% of the sale price.

Does ACX pay you to read books?

Yes, ACX pays audiobook narrators to read books. When you sign up with ACX, you can choose to receive royalties for every sale or a flat fee for your narration services. The amount you earn depends on the length of the book, the complexity of the project, and your level of experience.

What company pays $200 to read books? is one company that pays audiobook narrators a flat fee of $200 per finished hour of audio. However, this rate is only available to experienced narrators with a proven track record. If you’re just starting, you may need to build your portfolio and gain some experience before you can command a higher rate.

Pro Tips for Beginners Interested In Becoming Audiobook Narrators

If you’re interested in becoming an audiobook narrator, here are some pro tips to help you get started:

  • Invest in a high-quality microphone and recording software to ensure your audio is clear and professional.
  • Practice reading aloud and develop your voice-acting skills.
  • Start with short projects and work your way up to longer books.
  • Join online communities and forums for audiobook narrators to network and learn from others in the industry.

How Passive is Narrating Audio Books?

Narrating audiobooks can be a relatively passive source of income once you’ve completed the recording. Once your audiobook is available for sale, you’ll earn royalties every time someone purchases it. However, it’s important to note that narrating an audiobook can be time-consuming and requires a significant upfront investment in equipment and training.

Startup Costs

The startup costs for becoming an audiobook narrator can vary depending on your level of experience and the equipment you need. At a minimum, you’ll need a high-quality microphone, recording software, and a quiet space to record. You may also need to invest in training or coaching to develop your voice-acting skills.


As an audiobook narrator, your earning potential is directly tied to the number of projects you take on and the success of those projects. While it’s possible to scale your business by taking on more projects or increasing your rates, there is a limit to how much you can earn as a solo narrator.


Narrating audiobooks requires a unique set of skills, including voice acting, pacing, and enunciation. It can take time to develop these skills and gain the experience necessary to command higher rates.


The amount of time it takes to narrate an audiobook can vary depending on the length and complexity of the project. It’s important to factor in the time it takes to record, edit, and master the audio when estimating how long a project will take.


One of the most critical factors to consider when pursuing passive income is a risk. Many passive income streams come with inherent risks, including the potential for loss of investment and fluctuating revenue streams. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing your money into any passive income stream to ensure that the risk is acceptable to you.


Another crucial factor to consider when pursuing passive income is seasonality. Many passive income streams are seasonal, meaning they may generate more revenue during specific times of the year, such as the holiday season or summer months. Understanding the seasonality of your chosen passive income stream is essential for setting realistic revenue expectations and budgeting accordingly.

ROI (Return On Investment)

Return on investment (ROI) is a critical metric to consider when pursuing passive income. It measures the return on your investment, allowing you to assess the profitability of your passive income stream. When evaluating potential passive income streams, it’s essential to consider the potential ROI and weigh it against the risk involved.

Related Questions

How much does an audiobook narrator make?

The good news is that audiobook narrators can make a good living. The exact amount that an audiobook narrator earns will depend on various factors, including their level of experience, the length of the audiobook, and the contract they negotiate with the publisher.

On average, an audiobook narrator can expect to earn between $100 and $500 per finished hour of recording. For example, if you narrate a 10-hour audiobook and are paid $300 per finished hour, you would earn $3,000 for the project.

How do I become an audible book reader?

Becoming an Audible book reader is a rewarding and exciting career path. It requires a combination of skills, dedication, and passion for reading and performing. If you’re interested in pursuing this profession.

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