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9 passive income ideas at 2000 € per month

Passive income, have you ever heard of it?

What is it exactly?

Passive income is basically money coming in that happens on its own.

In other words, you carry out an activity that provides you with an income without the need for you to work full time.

Having a passive income allows you to live freely while providing financial independence.

Invest in something you enjoy, that you are good at, and turn it into a source of income.

However, when getting started, hard work is required so that you can then effortlessly reap the rewards of your efforts.

It is work that pays off in the medium and long term, but in the beginning it is often used as a supplement to income. Eventually, you will be able to stop your full-time activity since your passive income will have increased. According to those who have succeeded in this challenge, passive income can go up to €2000 per month and even more. So far, the best path to passive income is online. The main thing is to find the way!

Strategies for starting passive income

A well-studied project always allows to obtain great results, it is valid for the passive incomeWhen you start expecting to earn passive revenue, you must aim high, because it can seem like a long activity at first.

It is up to you to ensure your project over time and think about making it more concrete as you go along, by reinvesting for example. The most successful projects have set an example in diversifying sources of income, especially for those who have the ambition to live exclusively on passive income.

-Determine your need: you will have to determine from the start the monthly income you would like to obtain, such as €2,000 for example. You divide this amount by 30 and you get approximately €67. It is therefore the sum to be obtained each day to arrive at the passive income of 2000 €.

-How to get this amount? To produce that daily amount, consider diversifying your sources of income. With 4 activities each earning €20 on average, you get the daily amount.

-Multiply your source of passive income: you must always keep your monthly goal in mind. To achieve this, consider multiplying your income-generating activities. In this case, online businesses present multiple sources of passive income.

Now that you know what to do, what passive income are you going to invest in? Here are 9 sources of passive income that can get you started.

1- Online jobs

The digital domain is undoubtedly the most effective way to generate various passive incomes. Online coaching, training and courses of all kinds are of interest to Internet users. You must still master what you do and choose the areas according to your skills. For example, if you are a cook, launch an online cooking class around a specific theme.

The course is obviously paying and takes place online. Ideally, a personal website will best convey your know-how. It will be easier for you to control your sales and organize yourself freely. First, you can sell your training online via a platform while waiting to create your own site.

Online training is a serious advantage for people who want to take training from anywhere. For example, during cooking classes, your audience will follow you directly into their kitchen. The video courses on YouTube are also very clever, they allow customers to see how to operate in real time.

2- Real estate

Rental real estate is also a great source of long-standing passive income. It’s an investment that increases in value over time, giving you long-term passive income. Often, in real estate, buyers resort to bank loans for the purchase of an apartment or the construction of a house.

You say to yourself that maybe this is contrary to the objective set, but you invest initially, then you rent your property. Renting will ensure the bank is reimbursed and provide you with passive income. You can find out about crowdfunding platforms, which offer real estate promotions, therefore at a lower cost.

Also in rentals, Airbnb provides passive income opportunities. The system is simple, you rent your apartment or part of it to third parties during holidays or even weekends. To do this, you rent it out on Airbnb, you don’t need to make any changes to your home. You can balance Airbnb rental with other sources of income and meet your monthly income goal.

3- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a sales system that places you as an intermediary between the suppliers of a product and their customers. You create an e-commerce site offering products of the same type, for example. It’s possible to start out this way and expand your product line along the way.

To do this, you will need to be in contact with a trusted wholesaler or supplier, be assured of quality products. The supplier sends the order to the customer without your intervention. Your role is to advertise as much as possible to attract customers.

You don’t need inventory, but you place the purchase from your provider when you sell. It is a good source of passive income provided you have a competent and serious supplier. Otherwise, the image of your site will suffer.

Dropshipping is a win-win between you and the supplier, and of course, the happier the customers, the better your business will be. You can register on Shopify to start your own business.

To be successful in dropshipping, it is best to select items that interest you and that you will be sure to sell. You must also provide a return margin in the price of the products, in the event that the customer withdraws.

4- Sell your digital know-how

Everyone swears by the internet, young and old. The Internet is the ideal tool, at your fingertips to find everything you are looking for. Whether it is to find tips, various methods, solutions to any problem, people are rushing to the internet.

So, if you are creative and like to share your knowledge, you can sell useful digital products. With digital products, everything happens online, you don’t to be concerned about deliveries like with physical products. It does not require any initial investment, you share your experiences and your knowledge to help others.

Use your knowledge in the creation and sale of online training, use different media such as videos, ebooks, podcasts… It’s up to you to find the method that makes you most comfortable to transmit your knowledge. .

Initially, you should expect hard work like all other types of passive income, but once the machine is launched, all you have to do is reap the juicy profits.

5- Create a blog

Find your passion and start creating a blog. This is another way that seems to work well so far to generate passive income. When you have a passion for an area, you get into it without much effort. And the best part of all of this is that it will pay off over time.

You will easily attract clients when you know the area in which you are investing. Put yourself in the place of Internet users and offer them what they expect from your blog, this is the ideal method to have more traffic on your site.

The content must be rich, so your role is to provide a solution to your readers’ problems. The easiest platform to use to put your blog online is WordPress. When you start to have enough impactful traffic on your site, you can easily monetize it by choosing the available solutions like affiliate links, brand partnerships, advertising… Make sure you have quality content to increase tenfold visitors and earn passive income.

6- Do you have a notion in photography?

Selling photos is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income. You don’t need to have a degree in photography, just a few basics and good equipment. You can create platforms offering “royalty-free” images such as Pixabay, Shutterstock…

Holding a diversity of images across all domains can earn you passive income over time. If in addition, you are passionate about photography, you surely have a large archive in which you can draw.

The principle of these platforms is to make Internet users pay for the images they want, either by downloading or as a package. Take the time to properly edit your project to offer maximum photo data and rank first in the eyes of users.

When you work with passion, you are always popular. It may take time to get started, but after creating this platform, switching to another will multiply your sources of income.

7- Affiliation or partnership service

It’s a pretty simple passive income system too. This is to promote products or brands that you have used and tested. It’s almost like an exchange of service between you and the product or brand seller. The goal is to highlight the product offered by your partner on your site or blog, when an affiliate program is offered.

In your articles, add a link that takes readers back to your affiliate partner’s website. Your commission is calculated from the sales generated from this link. This is called affiliate marketing. You must test the products and be sure of their effectiveness as well as their quality before publishing them on your own site.

The consistency between your content and the product must be clear to your audience. To have maximum income, make a partnership with the big brands which, for the most part, offer an affiliate program.

8- Mobile advertising, you know?

It’s simple as passive income, just put a brand advertisement on your car. It’s an option for those who don’t have a classy or state-of-the-art vehicle, but it can supplement your end of the month in addition to other passive income you make. You don’t need to drive around: by making your usual trips, you earn money.

9- Get paid on Instagram!

You are already an Instagram follower and you are scrolling all the time. How about trying posting to generate passive income? All you have to do is create content on an area that you are passionate about and that would interest other people. The goal is to amass as many subscribers as possible. Listen to your audience and share your knowledge on the theme you are going to propose.

The choice of the domain to be treated must be relevant in order to attract as many audiences as possible. You must be constant in terms of content, so your “followers” will always be on the lookout for your publications. Highlight your email in your Instagram bio. Your account must also be very active, because this is what will allow you to receive sponsored posts. This is how you will get paid by Instagram.

The possibilities of generating passive income are immense, choose the areas that you are passionate about and that interest Internet users. To obtain 2000 € per month, it is safer to invest on several sources. It is also a guarantee for you, in case one of the activities fades. Getting started is important, take the first step and the rest will follow. You will live in total freedom and you can rest on your laurels.

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