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7 small businesses +€500 per month (without capital)

Discover right away 7 small businesses that bring in more than €500 per month, without starting capital!

Many are those who would like to have income in addition to their work.

Whether it is to achieve financial independence, or to take shelter in the event of a hard blow, multiplying alternative cash flow is a real necessity.

Still need to know how to do it. Looking for ideas that really work?

Small businesses that pay off: the secret to wealth

Setting up profitable small businesses is one of the fundamental bases for acquiring financial independence and becoming rich. Living by selling your time, as employees do, is not compatible with these two notions. Indeed, the days are not extendable. Even working from the 1st to the 31st of the month, your income will be limited by the amount of time available to you.

If you lose your job, you become dependent on state aid, if it exists in your country, until you find a new one. In the end, you will have spent your whole life in uncertainty and the fear of losing what you have if you manage to get a good salary and that of the difficult ends of the month if you don’t.

To avoid this infernal circle, you absolutely must diversify your income as the rich do. Engaging in profitable small businesses is a good way to build alternative cash flow. Initially, this will be in addition to your current job. Once one idea bears fruit, you can implement a second one, until this series of cumulative income reaches your current salary.

Instead of spending those extras, use the profits to grow your small business and invest. Each profitable small business mentioned in this article will allow you to earn at least €500 per month, without the need for starting capital.

No complicated business ideas that require extensive studies, but solutions accessible to all. Whatever your profile, you should find the one that suits you.

1- Become a web editor

Becoming a freelance web writer is a small business that pays off a lot if you are comfortable with words and how the Internet works. All small businesses need a website, a blog, or promotional materials to advertise their products. They therefore delegate the creation of this content to web editors.

In addition to being a seller, your text must help the page to be well referenced by Google. This is called SEO optimized web writing. If you like to write, you know how to find reliable sources and synthesize them and you have enough curiosity to learn how to write an optimized article, this job is for you. No need to be a writer at heart. The aim is not to win the Goncourt prize, but to offer clear, attractive information that is adapted to the client’s needs.

You can offer your services on freelancing platforms that will make it easier to find your first customers. A web editor invoices his services for the number of words requested in the service.

With rates around 2 to 3 cents per word for a beginner, and more than 10 cents for an experienced writer (i.e. between 20 and 100 € for a text of 1,000 words), you can easily exceed 500 € per month. Some writers specialize in story telling and creating sales pages. A highly demanded skill for which a single service can generate several hundred euros.

2- Get started as a community manager

Another small businesses that pays off if you are an expert in social networks: offering community manager services. Being visible on social networks is a permanent challenge for companies. But many of them, especially SMEs, do not know how to adapt their communication to these particular media and do not have the time to allocate to this process.

This is why the community manager is a service provider whose services are in high demand. Do not hesitate to canvass the companies of your city, or your region. This is probably where you will find your first customers. Microservices platforms are also a wealth of opportunities. Without forgetting the social networks, of course! The perfect opportunity to show your talents to your prospects with an optimized profile.

On the price side, count between 30 and 50 € per hour for a beginner who exercises in addition to his food job and up to 100 € per hour once you have acquired enough experience to think about developing your business. in this domain. Suffice to say that it is easy to reach 500 € per month with this activity.

3- Affiliate

Affiliation is often described as one of the easiest activities to generate money on the Internet. Many people who make a living on the web are happy to say that this is where they started and recommend this path to all newcomers to alternative income. Although there is some truth in this discourse, the reality is far from being so simple.

Making affiliation a small profitable businesses is not necessarily very complicated from a technical point of view. But this requires work, method and a certain creativity. Indeed, you will not be the only one to promote the product you have chosen. If you just throw your link everywhere you can without further action, you will get little results.

On the other hand, if you make the effort to bring value in relation to the product you want to sell, things will be different. You can create a blog, or a YouTube channel on which to publish free content complementary to the paid product.

For example, if you sell affiliate software, offer tutorials to learn how to use it. If it’s a food processor, offer an e-book of recipes to make with it and tips for maintaining it. Your imagination is the only constraint.

The commission you can expect to earn depends on several factors. First, the type of article. It will be less important on a physical product than on a dematerialized product, because the manufacturing, shipping and storage costs are not the same.

For a training, for example, you can expect between 30 and 50% of the sale price on average. The second factor is your notoriety. The more your blog is known, the better the programs you will have access to.

4- Arbitrate

Arbitration is one of the small profitable small businesses that is little known to the general public. However, its principle does not date from the digital age. This activity has been practiced since human beings began to sell their know-how. It’s a great solution if you’re a good seller, but don’t have a particular skill to monetize, or you already have an offer you want to complete.

It is quite simply a question of buying a service from a service provider to resell it for a higher price afterwards. Imagine, for example, that you are a web editor and one of your clients asks you to design the cover of his e-book in addition to the text. He is ready to pay you 70 € more for this work. The problem is that you are not a graphic designer.

Arbitrage is finding a designer willing to do this cover for $50 and ordering it as if it were for you. You then deliver it to your client with the text (without specifying that you have subcontracted) and you pocket the €30 profit.

This system is used by many people and is not immoral. You buy a given service from a person who has freely set his price. If you are resourceful in finding a customer willing to pay more, you are not stealing from anyone. The condition for it to be durable is to ensure the quality of what you buy.

Note that this type of small profitable businesses also works by hunting for objects to resell them on Ebay. But this alternative requires a small starting capital.

5- Create online training

For several years, the field of online training has been on the rise. A trend that is not about to weaken with the coronavirus crisis which promotes distance learning. If you have skills to share and love teaching, now is the perfect time to get started and turn your online training into a profitable small business.

When it comes to channel, you’re spoiled for choice. You can create short courses to download in text format, or in video, teach remotely via a videoconference application if you need contact, or even create a training course and sell it on your blog, or your YouTube channel.

The key is to master your subject and make the lessons interesting. Exercises, interactive games, or small assignments to send by email are great ways to keep your students’ attention. As well as the points system, or badge, for each part of the validated training which recalls the world of video games. You don’t need high-tech hardware to get started.

A good webcam, or the camera of your smartphone, a lavalier microphone and the editing software present on most OSes are more than enough. To sell more, also consider platforms like Udemy that add your product to their catalog and promote it for you, for a commission on the final price.

6- Sell subscription services

Subscriptions are undoubtedly one of the best business ideas for achieving financial independence. Indeed, they guarantee you to have recurring income each month. Even better, you know the minimum amount in advance since the subscription price is fixed.

This system adapts to a wide variety of services, whether physical or digital. Information products and access to an application or software are among the most requested.

The most important thing to succeed in this business is to make your offer attractive and to demonstrate to future customers the interest of your service over the long term. Even if an imposed duration may seem more reassuring financially, a non-binding formula will appeal more to the consumer who will have the impression of retaining his freedom.

If you offer him a 12-month contract from the outset, he will feel trapped and think that you are not sure of the quality of what you are selling.

7- Repair cars

This latest small business idea that pays off is about a business that isn’t digital, but is so profitable that it was impossible not to tell you about it. Everyone who owns a car needs to have it repaired at some point. The problem is that garages charge very high prices for services that could be performed by the drivers themselves if they knew how to perform them.

If you have real knowledge of car mechanics, offer a repair service at a low price with the supply of parts at the customer’s expense. You will quickly exceed 500 € monthly if you do a good job.

Having several profitable small businesses is a necessity to ensure your financial security and free yourself from the fear of losing your job. Even if one of your sources of income suddenly fails, the others will allow you to wait without being too affected. The ideas discussed in this article are simple to implement.

The only things you really need to be successful are a real desire to make money on your own and the motivation to take action. Start building one business at a time and you’ll soon be free!

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