Passive Income

30 sources of passive income that actually work

You may have heard of passive income before.

Whether you have a stable job with a regular income, or you are looking for a job.

Indeed, it is a simple and effective way to ensure income.

This can therefore be a significant help in the event of unforeseen situations: period of unemployment, decline in activity, accident, illness, etc.

In this article, we’ve put together 30 passive income sources for you that actually work.

What is Passive Income?

Before giving you the various sources of passive income, let’s clearly define what it is. As the name suggests, passive income is income that requires little or no effort on your part. It can be a training that you will sell online, or a real estate asset that you own.

With the advent of the internet, it has become easier to create sources of passive income, without leaving home. They even have a specific name: they are the business muses .

It was businessman Tim Ferriss who popularized this name. It refers to activities related to the Internet, which allow you to ensure comfortable income without having to devote a lot of time to it.

As you will see, passive income is varied. Do not hesitate to diversify your sources to ensure regular income.

30 sources of passive income that work

1- Dropshipping

It is one of the most profitable sources of passive incomeThanks to dropshipping, it is possible to sell a variety of products all over the world.

But what is dropshipping? This term designates a tripartite system. That is to say that the customer orders on the site of the distributor (you in this case), who himself places the order with the supplier. It is the latter who takes care of the delivery and the management of the stock.

Your role is therefore to connect suppliers and customers through your site. So this method requires a bit of time investment in the beginning. Once well established, your business will easily and quickly generate income.

2- Create a blog

It is one of the most popular sources of passive income. Indeed, creating a blog has allowed many people, both entrepreneurs and individuals, to generate comfortable income.

As with dropshipping, creating a blog requires some upfront work. This is even more true these days, as the industry has become quite competitive.

However, if you really put in the effort, it’s still entirely possible to make your blog a profitable source of passive incomeIndeed, a blog is a product that can very easily be transformed. So even if some aspect of the blog doesn’t work, you’re pretty sure to make money.

3- Create an online course

If you have skills in a specific area, why not consider creating your own course? Indeed, the field of online training continues to develop. The offer is more and more diversified and the demand increases every day.

To do this, you can distribute this course on your own website or opt for one of the online course platforms. You can absolutely combine two sources of passive income. For example, you can offer your online course on your blog. So, if you have already created a blog, visitors are all potential customers for your course.

In order for the course to remain a source of passive income, it is important to update it regularly.

4- Advertise on Instagram

Surely you have already seen paid posts on InstagramIt’s a simple and time-saving way to generate passive income.

Indeed, you just need to have an Instagram account and make a post in partnership with a brand. However, for this to work, it is important to be regular in the frequency of posting content.

The more you post, the more you will increase your number of followers, and the more brands will be interested in a partnership. In addition to generating income, you will have branded products for free.

5- Print on demand

It is an effective way to take advantage of the development of e-commerce. Print on demand consists of printing your own graphics on various media (t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc.).

This technique, combined with other sources, can help you create your own brand. And thus, always attract more potential customers.

The great thing about this technique is that it allows you to create various designs that will truly define the style of your business.

6- Create an app

You have surely realized that creating content is a reliable source of passive income.

So if you have skills in this area. If for example you are a developer or programmer, do not hesitate to create your own application.

The field of applications continues to diversify. New apps are released every day.

There are two solutions: either you sell the application, or it is free, but you generate income thanks to the advertising present in the application.

7- Invest in stocks

Stocks are a safe way to generate passive income. It is even possible that this passive income is higher than your usual income as an employee.

Indeed, most wealthy people in France have invested in stocks. This is in part what has enriched them.

Once the investment is made, you really don’t have to make any more effort. However, finding the right stock in which to invest requires significant research work beforehand.

8- Invest in real estate

It is common knowledge that real estate is a safe haven. In addition to building your wealth, this will allow you to generate passive income, sometimes substantial.

Indeed, the value of real estate continues to increase in some cities. It is therefore an effective and safe way to benefit from an interesting passive income.

9- Rent your accommodation on platforms

If recent figures are to be believed, more and more people are choosing peer-to-peer platforms for their vacation rental. So, why not rent your apartment or your house during the holidays?

By renting your home, or part of your home, during holidays or weekends on Airbnb you can generate real income.

10- Rent your objects or your services

One of the latest developments in passive income is car rental. Indeed, it is possible via certain specialized platforms to rent your car. Whether only for a few hours or for longer.

11- Affiliate marketing

The principle is simple. You choose a product or service from a brand, and advertise it. If people buy the product or service through your link/ad, then you earn a commission.

All brands do not offer the same commission, it is important to study the various affiliate offers before you start.

12- Publish videos on YouTube

Each person who publishes videos on YouTube receives a portion of the revenue generated by advertisements.

The more views you have, the more money you earn. It is therefore important to regularly publish quality content.

13- Sell your photos

If at first glance photography seems to be an active source of income, this is not always the case.

Indeed, it is possible to sell your photos for image banks, magazines… You will thus earn passive income with each use or publication of your image.

These days, a good smartphone can do just fine for taking great photos.

14- Expand your client portfolio

If you’re good at sales or marketing, and can find customers easily, this can be a source of passive income.

Many companies or freelancers are willing to pay for this kind of service. So you make them benefit from your customer portfolio while being paid.

15- Write an ebook

With self-publishing and the internet, it is now quick and easy to publish your own book.

If you have specific skills, do not hesitate to put them to good use by writing an ebook on the subject. In addition, you can sell it via your blog, talk about it in a YouTube video… This will generate several forms of passive income.

16- Sell your stuff

Nowadays, online sales platforms between individuals are multiplying (Vinted, LeBonCoin among others). If you have stuff you want to get rid of, this can be a good opportunity.

In addition, this process requires little effort since the platforms simplify their operation as much as possible in order to be as efficient as possible.

17- Advertise on your car

Companies are often looking for ways to advertise. It is therefore possible to rent the advertising space of your car.

Thus you display on your car the logo or the slogan of the company, and this one remunerates you. All you need is a car, a license and regular driving.

It is an interesting source of passive income, because it requires little effort.

18- The credit card with return

It’s an interesting and simple way to generate passive income. Indeed, all you have to do is make your usual purchases with your credit card. Then, you repay on time. So you earn a percentage discount on the amount spent.

Be careful, however, to respect the reimbursement deadlines. Also, make sure you have enough necessary expenses to cover before embarking on this method.

19- Charging electric scooters

If you live in a big city, you must have seen electric scooters. It is possible to generate passive income through them.

Indeed, all you have to do is register on a platform as a “loader”. Then all you have to do is pick up the scooters at home and recharge them.

20- Monetize your chatbot

This is a very current way to generate passive income. Chatbots are still quite new, but they are increasingly popular.

To turn it into a source of passive income, all you have to do is monetize your chatbot. For example, you can sell it to companies. You can also use your chatbot for advertising, finding new customers, doing affiliate marketing. The possibilities are many.

21- Become a delivery man

If you like driving, or riding a bike, you can become a delivery person for food delivery platforms. For example Uber eats or Deliveroo among others.

This allows you to make your trips profitable while generating income.

22- Earn money by playing

If you like to play video games or on a mobile phone, know that this can be a source of passive income.

Some gaming apps pay you money to download them and give them feedback on your experience. Others pay you based on how many points you manage to get in the game.

23- Respond to surveys18

Some brands pay several euros for you to answer one of their surveys or a satisfaction survey.

This will usually only take you a few minutes, and can make for some interesting passive income.

24- Take part in studies

It’s not the fastest and easiest way to find. But it is possible to participate in studies, in particular on sleep, while being paid.

Indeed, the offers are rare, but very interesting. So don’t hesitate to search.

25- Offer various services

If you have free time and you like animals for example. You can offer your pet sitting services. Individuals leave their animals with you during the holidays, for example.

It’s a good source of income, because it doesn’t necessarily require experience. Individuals can also call on you to keep their accommodation while they are gone.

It takes little effort and can be lucrative.

26- Loans from person to person

This method requires you to have money. If so, you can do what is called a P2P or PAP loan. That is to say, you lend money to an individual by charging interest, as a financial service would.

In the long term, this technique offers a good return on investment. However, it remains risky.

27- Rent your parking space

If with your accommodation you have a parking space, or a garage, that you do not use, consider renting it.

This can be very profitable, especially in large cities where it is difficult to find a parking space.

28- Rent your empty space

You can also rent out your garage as storage space. The same goes for your attic, basement, or any other empty space you have.

You will always find someone looking for a space to rent. All you have to do is publish an ad via different platforms for example, or in the newspaper…

29- Carpooling

This is a simple way to generate passive income. In addition, it allows you to make your usual trips profitable, while being ecological!

To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just need to register on a platform like Uber for example.

30- Sell your documents on the internet

It may sound weird, but some people are willing to pay to buy your old courses for example.

Indeed, specialized platforms are multiplying. All you have to do is download the document in question (dissertation, essay, etc.), describe it, and set a price. Then you will be paid as soon as someone downloads it.

The income from this sale may not be very large, but it requires little effort, and will only take you a few minutes.

As you can see, there are many ways to generate passive income. Obviously, not all of them will offer you the same income, but it may be interesting to combine some of them.

Of course, the list of possible sources of passive income keeps growing. With the internet, it is possible to sell everything. Indeed, some companies even buy your hair to create wigs for example.

Whatever your skills, and the time you want to devote to it, you will surely and easily find a source of passive income made for you! Again, do not hesitate to combine various sources in order to generate more passive income. Some are even complementary and may allow you to obtain a higher income than what you are currently receiving.

Some of these tricks only take a few minutes to get started. So you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. This will always allow you to earn a little money without putting in too much effort.

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