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10 passive income ideas to earn 100 euros a day

10 passive income ideas to earn 100 euros a day?

In the past, it was quite difficult to achieve financial independence.

It was a luxury that not everyone could afford.

But nowadays, with the advent of the internet and all the new technologies that exist and are constantly spreading, there is not much that is impossible for ordinary people.

Whether you are a student looking for a part-time income-generating activity, an unemployed person looking for a job, or a worker looking to make ends meet and taste the pleasures of entrepreneurship, this article will interest you in more ways than one.

Here you will discover ten ways to generate considerable passive income, up to 100 euros per day.

It is true that the opportunities are many, online or not, but not all of them are reliable and will still not allow you to earn a hundred euros or more per day.

This selection therefore only lists the best passive income ideas accessible to almost everyone.

So let’s explore these ideas.

1- Dropshipping

In recent years, dropshipping has become one of the most popular ways to generate passive income. This is a fairly simple business practice.

To do dropshipping, you need an online sales website. There are many online operators that offer an e-commerce site creation service for free or for a fee. For beginners, there are also many free courses on the web that will get you started on the right foot.

Once your site is ready, you will then need to find a supplier who offers products for this or that type of customer. To earn money, all you have to do is offer these products on your e-commerce site, and as soon as a customer contacts you or places an order, you transfer it to your supplier who will take care of the delivery.

Once the transaction is concluded, you receive a percentage of commission which varies according to the amount of the profit margin that there is on the product.

Dropshipping can relate to both products and services, since your job is to connect a customer and a supplier, through your own website.

You will therefore have understood it, no stock or travel constraints with dropshipping, and you can easily generate more than 100 euros in income per day, without having made a significant investment beforehand, or even not at all in some cases. .

2- Online trading

Contrary to what Wall Street movies have you believe, the ordinary man that you are can break into the world of finance by trading online, that is to say without even leaving your home!

Indeed, there are nowadays several sites that offer people without experience to generate considerable passive income per day by becoming a trader. As such, your job is first to make good predictions on the price evolution of financial assets (stocks, currencies, cryptocurrency, etc.).

Basically, when the price of a monetary asset falls or is low, you buy it, and you offer it at a price higher than the purchase price once its price increases, and you make a profit margin. You can also proceed in other ways, for example by betting on the fall in the price of an asset. Anyway, many strategies exist, and it is enough that your predictions come true to make you money.

However, trading will require some investment from you. This initial investment is generally at least €10. This is the amount you deposit into your account to perform your trading operations (buying and selling financial assets).

Another investment will be needed at the beginning to trade well, and that is time. You will have to devote some time to training, consulting and analyzing economic information, monitoring your positions and transactions, etc.

But these tasks disappear with copy trading (your trades are just identical copies of trades made by another more experienced trader) and automatic trading robots (you just set up the software, then it makes your trades on its own, on your behalf , when market conditions are most favorable to realizing your gains or limiting your losses).

3- Web writing/SEO

In the category of activities generating passive income of more than 100 euros per day, web writing work occupies a prominent place.

Basically, the role of the web editor is to produce textual content that is intended for various websites. This content is optimized according to SEO or SEA standards, so that search engines can better rank the sites for which these texts are written.

Imagine, for example, that you have an e-commerce site that is ranked on the 30th or  even the 50th page of a search engine like Google.

You understand that it will not be very obvious for the customer who is looking for the type of products you offer to land on your website one day!

This is where the web editor/SEO comes in and tries to produce optimized textual content for you, with for example an optimal description of your products using the right keywords so that your site is deemed relevant by the search engine and therefore better referenced by this one.

Companies that have understood this are increasingly using these professionals for the digital development of their structures, and you can therefore be one of those writers that companies need and make considerable income.

To become a good web editor capable of generating more than 100 euros per day, you will need to follow specific training. Professionals present on the internet offer this type of training.

Moreover, if you already have natural writing skills, you will still need to take the time to find out before you start. It is a profitable job that you can do easily in your free time.

4- Paid instruction

The ideal financial commitment is in yourself, as the adage goes. In fact, you can easily make 100 euros per day in passive income by providing paid instruction.

There is bound to be an area in which you are good, in which you excel! So why not monetize your knowledge by offering paid training to those who need to be at least as good as you?

Whether it’s online or face-to-face, getting paid to share your knowledge is one of the most effective ways to generate significant passive income.

To do this, you will of course need authorizations, premises, but also and above all a digital platform (website, social networks, etc.) which will allow you to quickly find your future learners.

5- Online games of chance

Games of chance are one of the means that people use the most to manage to generate significant passive income. If You’re considering this option, the possibilities are not lacking.

You have the choice between a panoply of money games on which to make your bets, whether it is sports betting, lottery, or even online casino games.

Some do not hesitate to make it their daily activity. They manage to generate considerable daily income of more than 100 euros, this by predicting the outcome of meetings, games, etc., or just by having a little luck.

It is however true that with betting, the risk of loss exists, as in any other activity for that matter. With gambling, there is also a risk of addiction. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to these risks, despite the many possibilities of gain offered by online gambling.

6- Paid surveys

Paid surveys represent a lucrative activity present on the internet for many years now, but which is not well known to the general public.

It turns out that the commercial companies that sell better are those that know how to adapt their products to the needs of consumers. To succeed in this commercial feat, they generally carry out studies with the consumers that you are.

All this is done in order to be continually aware of the specific expectations of the public vis-à-vis their products. But what’s most interesting is that these companies pay large sums of money to obtain this valuable information, and that’s where you come in.

Indeed, there are many online sites that offer you to answer questionnaires/surveys, and to be paid to give your opinion on such or such subject.

All you have to do is go to one of these sites and register there. Registration on such sites is usually free.

If the registration goes smoothly, you start to receive your first missions and generate your first income. For a start, the earnings will not be great, but over time, you will receive more and more missions and your daily income will be more and more important, even to the point of exceeding 100 euros per day on certain sites.

7- YouTube

If everyone is going online and wants to influence others, tell yourself that it’s because they have something to gain! Indeed, being a Youtuber can very quickly allow you to generate significant passive income, that is to say without having to kill yourself at work all day.

How it works ? To become a good Youtuber capable of generating more than 100 euros in passive income per day, you need to find a theme around which you will unite your community.

Whatever the field (Sports, Cooking, Travel…), the important thing is to be able to transmit this passion through your videos. It’s pretty much the same principle as a blog.

On the other hand, you will need to define a broadcast frequency, so that your followers keep a certain habit and a certain rhythm, a bit like with a television series.

With YouTube, earnings or revenue appear on multiple levels. First, YouTube pays you based on the number of views your channel manages to generate. Of course, the larger your community or followers grows, the more likely your videos will be seen by more people.

Then, companies may contact you for advertising campaigns on your channel, which of course will depend on your popularity with their target customers.

Also, if you have products to sell, your YouTube channel can also be a good platform to advertise them.

8- Walk dogs

Eh yes ! Walking dogs can earn you more money than it looks. It is an activity in which more and more people are interested and indulge.

According to the latest official figures, this activity allows French people who practice it to earn an average of 3,000 euros per month, i.e. a daily income of around 100 euros.

Given the emerging trend, these figures should change further. Indeed, digital is not for nothing in the development of this activity, since mobile applications and even websites are now available in this area. In particular, they allow their users to find a walker for their dogs, which has the effect of doubling the demand for dog walkers.

You can therefore register on one of these sites or on one of these applications as a walker, and wait for us to contact you.

9- Sponsored content on social networks

In addition to allowing you to share your life with your loved ones and keep an eye on them, regardless of the distance, social networks can also be important sources of passive income.

How ? Well by investing in sponsored content. Facebook and Instagram are the social networks in which it is possible to shine well.

The principle is simple: you create a page that you federate around a specific theme or subject; you are trying to boost your page, in order to give it very high visibility; you collect “Likes” and you receive income based on the number of Internet users who are interested in your content.

10- Membership

Affiliation is a marketing technique widely used by some companies and some websites to attract prospects, and therefore to better sell their products and services. Some platforms attract Internet users and then use this mass argument to better negotiate advertising contracts with certain companies.

Once you are affiliated on one of these platforms, you in turn receive an affiliate link which also allows you to affiliate other people for a fee. In the end, the income you receive will depend on the number of people you manage to attract to the platform through your affiliate link.

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