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10 app to earn money  without doing anything

Discover right away 10 app to earn money without doing anything, or almost!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make ends meet?

Want to make the most of the time you spend on your smartphone without having to fill out surveys or read tons of emails?

Rejoice, there is a solution to grant your wish.

Earning money without doing anything, how is that possible?

Who would say no to a few extra euros at the end of the month? Nobody. This is why the success of income-generating applications is undeniable. 

The problem is that many of them require you to complete tedious tasks for minimal pay. In this article, 

you will discover how to earn money without having to spend 1 hour a day ticking boxes, or watching advertisements.

Some of the selected applications are really effortless. All you have to do is download them and let them run. Others allow you to leverage tasks you do every day anyway.

The business model is simple. The data collected is generally used for commercial studies or for advertising purposes. In exchange, you receive a small sum of money. 

So it’s not revenue that comes out of nowhere. Simply a form of passive labor.

1- AppKarma

The first app to earn money without doing anything, or almost, is called AppKarmaIt is available for iOS and Android. 

The principle is extremely simple. You just have to install it on your smartphone and let it run to earn points called “Karma Points”. 

These points accumulate over the days and can be exchanged for rewards to choose from in the app store.

To increase your balance faster, you can perform small tasks: download an application, watch videos, or even answer quizzes. 

Depending on your level (there are 4), each mission earns you an additional point bonus ranging from +5% to +125%.

A sponsorship system makes it possible to collect 30% of the Karma Points obtained by each godchild. 

The minimum amount for withdrawing winnings is $5. You can request a transfer via PayPal, or choose a gift card from partner brands.

2- Fronto Lock Screen

Second profitable application that helps you earn a few pennies without too much effort: Fronto Lock Screen. 

Little known and available for Android, it allows you to pocket a few pennies by unlocking the screen of your mobile phone.

Once Fronto is installed, each unlock earns you between 20 and 30 points. The remuneration comes from advertising that is displayed on your phone. 

As with any earning app, you can increase your earnings by responding to offers and referring your friends.

Even if you just want to use this app to earn money without doing anything by just unlocking your phone, you can earn points quickly. 

You can then convert them into cash via PayPal or into gift certificates with a payment threshold of $1.

3- Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an easy money making app that has become very popular. It works on Android mobiles, but is not yet available for iOS unfortunately. Its principle could not be simpler. 

Once installed, it replaces the usual lock screen on your smartphone. Each time you slide to open it, you see an ad. This is how Slidejoy gets paid and shares some of its earnings with you.

Winnings are credited in the form of virtual currency called “carat”. You can then barter these for a PayPal transfer, or gift cards. You can earn more by participating in paid missions. But, 

if you don’t want to take the lead, just use your mobile as usual and you can still make money.

You can also refer your friends and receive 500 carats per active referral. The payment threshold is €2. If you are a charitable soul, 

know that there is a “hero” mode thanks to which your winnings are donated to associations.

4- WowApp

Are you used to spending time exchanging messages and chatting with your friends? 

Then WowApp is the earning application for you. Thanks to it, you will be able to earn money without doing anything other than exchanging with your loved ones. 

The operation of this app is similar to that of another well-known messaging application.

The use of WowApp is completely free for calls and messages exchanged through this channel. 

The company remunerates you by sharing with you a portion of the revenue generated by advertising. It is available on iOS and Android.

You can optimize your earnings thanks to its sponsorship system on 8 levels, or by displaying advertisements thanks to the “Advertise me” option. 

The payment cap is set at $2.20 which you can withdraw through PayPal. Note, however, that each withdrawal incurs fees that still represent $1 and 8% of the size of the sum. 

If you withdraw $10, you will therefore receive $8.2 in fine.

5- Embee Meter Cx

Are you looking for an app to earn money without doing anything at all? 

Then “emee meter cx” for you. Available, only, on Android, you just have to download it and fill out a short questionnaire. Then you just have to let it run on your smartphone. 

No, you’re not dreaming, you don’t have to do anything more. By using your mobile as usual, you accumulate points called “tokens”.

Embee Meter Cx pays you 20 tokens per day to collect all the personal data transmitted by your device. 

In other words, you resell your personal data for a sum of around €6 per month. If you agree with this principle, this remunerative application will give you complete satisfaction.

The payment threshold is set at €1. You may revoke your winnings using PayPal. 

Please note, as it works with a quota system, registration is not permanently available. It’s up to you to be vigilant and try your luck regularly.

6- Shoppix

In the series, “I earn money without doing anything”, or almost, we can also mention Shoppix. 

This profitable application allows you to make your shopping profitable. Forget tedious missions that require you to snap a photo of the yogurt counter while playing hide and seek with the security guard. 

Forget coupons to download. What Shoppix offers you is much simpler.

You complete your profile when registering. Then you do your shopping as usual. You collect your receipt and taking a photo it. That’s all.

Each validated ticket allows you to earn 25 tokens, with a limit set at 250 tokens per week (i.e. 10 receipts).

To get the app to pay you a bit more, you can take very short quizzes. Also note that you have 7 days to submit a ticket. 

But if you do it on the day of your purchases, you earn a small bonus. You can exchange your tokens for a PayPal transfer or gift cards. The payment threshold is set at €5.

7- Sweatcoin

What could be more natural than walking every day, right? Imagine that you can be paid for this gesture as banal as it is essential. 

This is exactly what Sweatcoin offers you. This app to earn money, which counts your steps, allows you to earn sweatcoins every day. 

The sweatcoin is the app’s cryptocurrency. You can use it to get discount vouchers in euros and give yourself gifts on the shop.

At first, you are limited 5 sweatcoins maximum per day. You can increase this limit by paying a monthly subscription. 

For example, if you choose the offer at Monthly sweatcoins 4.75 your limit increases to 10 daily sweatcoins. For great walkers, the investment can be profitable.

The payment threshold is, of course, a bit high since the interesting lots require a lot of sweatcoins. But it is possible to increase your earnings through sponsorship.

8- WeWard

WeWard is a money-making app that works on the same principle as Sweatcoin by paying you for walking. For every step taken, you earn points called Wards. 

Gains are calculated in increments ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 steps.

To save your winnings, you must log in every day before midnight to validate your steps. 

Want to earn extra Wards? 

Take up the various challenges offered, visit partner businesses, watch videos, or sponsor your friends. The application also offers a cashback system.

To convert your Wards into a bank transfer, or into a gift certificate, you must have accumulated the equivalent of €20, or 3,000 Wards. 

It may seem like a big deal, but if you’re used to walking it’s not impossible.

9- Igral

If you are one of the fans of online shopping, this profitable application will allow you to earn money without doing anything other than your usual shopping. 

It works on a well-known principle: cashback. Once your account is created, you choose the store where to make your purchases among the partners and you launch the site from the application.

For each validated order, Igraal will pay you a percentage of the amount excluding taxes. This varies by brand. 

This retrocommission comes from the amount paid by the merchant to Igraal to be present on its site. 

When your kitty has reached the amount of €20, you can request your payment by bank transfer, PayPal transfer, or in the form of a gift certificate.

If you buy regularly from well-known brands, you can quickly accumulate significant sums. 

The icing on the cake: you receive a bonus on registration. Want to earn even more? Refer your friends to earn 10% of their earnings for life.

10- Octopus

Poulpeo is a cashback application that works on the same principle as Igraal. It allows you to recover some money when you do your shopping on the web. 

The payment threshold for your kitty is set at just €10, which is great if you’re in a hurry. However, there is only one payment method available: the SEPA transfer.

You can increase your earnings by taking advantage of the welcome bonus, thanks to the sponsorship system which entitles you to 10% of the earnings of your referrals, or by writing paid reviews on your favorite merchants. 

The application regularly offers exclusive offers that allow you to earn a few extra euros.

How much can you earn with these apps?

The question you are probably asking yourself is how much you can earn with an application to earn money without doing anything. 

Obviously, you can’t expect to get rich with so little effort. However, you will be able to make a small additional income.

Potential earnings are between €5 and €30 per month depending on your usage. To increase your nest egg nothing prevents you from installing several. 

You can, for example, unlock your phone with Fronto, count your steps with WeWard and scan your tickets with Shoppix when you go shopping. 

Without changing anything in your habits, you could accumulate up to €50 per month.

With these 10 apps to earn money without doing anything, you can get a little extra income easily. 

Even if the sums involved are not huge, accumulating the small income allows you to have significant gains once the final the year. 

Do not resist the urge to divulge this good plan with your loved ones!

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